28 Litre Capsule Plastic Clinical Waste Bin

Product Code: Standard – CAP/28S/WEB


28 Litres

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Our clinical waste bins are strategically and routinely designed to meet all your healthcare legislative requirements.

The 28-litre Capsule Clinical Waste Bin features a hands-free frame, removable body and foot pedal operation.

When choosing the plastic body option, you’re making this clinical waste bin safe for MRI rooms.

2-Year Parts & Labour Guarantee Large quantity orders may be subject to an extended lead time during busy periods PET-G Foot Pedal Operated Fire Retardant Hands Free Easy Clean

About the 28 Litre Capsule Plastic Clinical Waste Bin

The 28-litre Capsule Clinical Waste Bin

This small unit is ideal for narrow or reduced spaces on healthcare premises like toilets or patient rooms, and you can find this clinical waste bin in most hospitals around the UK. Like our other units, this bin has been purpose-built for healthcare environments that adhere to modern legislative requirements.

This bin is manufactured from an ABS plastic frame that’s fireproof. The plastisol body keeps this unit from collecting corrosion and impact-related damages. The hands-free frame, removable body and foot pedal operation make this bin hygienic and easy to use by patients and staff, and provide hassle-free emptying for cleaning staff.

When choosing a plastic body, you’re making the Capsule Clinical Waste Bin safe for MRI rooms.

Available in a variety of standard waste segregation colours, supporting the safe management of healthcare waste and conforming to infection control guidelines.

Looking for something bigger? This capsule clinical waste bin also comes in 42-litres and 80-litres.

Product Features

  • Made from fireproof ABS plastic and plastisol for corrosion and impact resistance
  • Hands-free frame, removable body and foot pedal operation
  • Available in a variety of standard waste segregation colours
  • Purpose-made to adhere to all your healthcare legislative requirements
  • All-plastic option, safe for MRI rooms



Capacity Height Width Depth Weight
28 litres 670mm 225mm 355mm 6kg


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28 Litre Capsule Plastic Clinical Waste Bin

28-Litre Capsule Clinical Waste Bin with a white body and lid.

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  • What is this bin manufactured from?

    This brand new all plastic Wybone sackholder is manufactured completely from durable plastic. All fixtures and fittings have been manufactured from plastic, including small nuts / bolts and plastic uprights to the back of the bin.

  • How does this 28 Litre All Plastic Sackholder work?

    This plastic sackholder is operated using the durable plastic foot pedal. When the user presses the foot pedal, the lid is lifted, presenting a wide aperture for depositing small or large amounts of waste. A plastic damper is fitted to the bin to make sure that the lid closes down softly and slowly.

  • Where is this all plastic sackholder suitable for?

    This sackholder has been specifically designed to provide a waste solution for clinical settings, including sensitive areas such as MRI rooms and theatres. The plastic components used ensure no rusting and an easy clean finish. The durable plastic base has been expertly designed to ensure no marking of walls or floors and the stylish design means that this new plastic range of bins is suitable for environments such as operating theatres as well as waiting rooms and patient rooms.

    The rounded edges on this sackholder and the plastic manufacture make it suitable for use on children’s wards without the worry of sharp edges.

  • How is this Capsule II Sackholder emptied?

    As with most Wybone sackholders, this bin includes a removable body so that it can be easily removed for cleaning and emptying. The frame is easily lifted to access the removable body and once the sack has been removed, it is easy to place the body back inside the base and secure the frame. Based on customer feedback, this unit has been developed with a lid-stay, to keep the lid open when emptying and cleaning.

    The frame has a built in sack retention system so that there is no unsightly overhang and the bag does not fall into the bin when rubbish is placed inside.

  • How is this plastic sack holder cleaned?

    This plastic sackholder can be easily cleaned with warm soapy water – no need for harsh chemicals! This new design ensures no open cavities, that makes every aspect of the waste bin accessible for cleaning. This prevents any bacteria ingress as there are no concealed areas on the unit.

  • Need more information?

    If you have any further questions, feel free to give us a call on 01226 744010 or send us an email to [email protected]

  • What goes into a clinical waste bin?

    Sharps waste:

    Needles, syringes, lancets and scalpel blades.

    Infectious waste:

    gloves, masks, and aprons that may contain infectious bacteria caused by blood, saliva or phlegm.

    Anatomical waste:

    Blood bags.

    Medicine waste:

    Medicines and general pharmaceutical waste.

  • What colour bin does clinical waste go in?

    With our clinical waste bins, you can choose from several lid colours that each represent different clinical waste streams.


    Infectious waste, including gloves, masks and aprons.


    General/domestic waste.


    Offensive waste, that can be described an non-clinical, unsightly waste like used sanitary pads.


    Hazardous waste, like contaminated PPE equipment, used needles and syringes.


    Cytotoxic waste, including swabs, IV drip sets and contaminated aprons and gloves.