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28 Litre Eco Sackholder

Product Code: RFG/4/28/ECO/WEB
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This 28 Litre Eco Sackholder is part of our budget range of metal clinical waste bins.

What is this sackholder manufactured from?
This sackholder is manufactured from corrosion resistant galvanised steel and all metal fixings. If you require a sackholder manufactured with all plastic parts instead, take a look at our Capsule II 28 Litre Sackholder.

What makes this sackholder ‘eco’?
The design of this sackholder has been streamlined in order reduce the time and materials that are taken to produce it. As a direct result of this streamlining, we are able to pass cost savings onto our customers. We know we’re biased, but we actually think this is our most stylish sackholder!

How is this sackholder operated?
This sackholder is foot pedal operated. The user simply presses the foot pedal to lift the lid so that they can deposit their waste without any skin contact with the bin. As the lid sits flush within the frame, there’s no need to worry about users trying to lift the lid by hand.

Does this sackholder meet fire safety requirements?

This Eco Sackholder is manufactured to strict standards and conforms to HTM 05-03 Managing Healthcare Fire Safety regulations as set out by the Department of Health. Our closed body sackholders have been independently tested by Exova Warrington Fire Research and we also use Class ‘O’ fire rated Plastisol bodies which meet the strict regulations as set out by the British Board of Agrement.

What is the capacity of this sackholder?
This sackholder is designed to fit a 28 litre sized sack.

How is this sackholder emptied?
To empty the sackholder, use the foot pedal to lift the lid of the unit and pull the frame of the lid upwards to release the bag. Simply lift the bag from the top of the unit to empty and replace with a new bag. Fold the sides of the bag over the edges of the bin and pull the frame down to hold it in place again. Release the pedal to put the lid back down.

What if the internal bag leaks?
This sackholder features a leakproof tray to catch any leaks from bag punctures or an overfilled bin.

What colours does this sackholder come in?
This sackholder is white as standard, with a choice of lid options available to support the safe management of healthcare waste segregation.

  • Choose white to keep your bin all the same colour and define your waste stream with the bag or vinyl stickers.
  • Choose yellow for Category A Hazardous Waste which is sent for incineration, such as sharps that are contaminated with drugs.
  • Choose orange for Infectious Waste, which is also sent for incineration but includes items such as dressings from infected wounds or items that have been in contact with infectious bodily fluids.
  • Choose green for food waste or mixed recycling.
  • Choose black for domestic waste.
  • Choose yellow with tiger stripe for offensive waste which is sent to deep landfill. This includes items such as colostomy bags, urine bags and incontinence pads.

Does this sackholder have anti-microbial properties?
As with all Wybone sackholders, this clinical waste bin is coated with anti-microbial paint to reduce any risk of harmful bacteria spreading on the surface of the bin. This anti-bacterial feature comes as standard with our sackholders and uses silver-ion antibacterial coating to absorb and destroy harmful bacterium.

What additional options are available with this sackholder?
Choose from a range of clinical and domestic colour choices to show your chosen waste stream on the lid of the bin. You can also choose to have optional vinyl artwork to the top of lid to specify ‘CLINICAL WASTE ONLY’ or ‘DOMESTIC WASTE ONLY’. Alternatively, add our magnetic waste labels to the top of your bin to interchange the waste stream.

To ensure a soft and quiet close, add our soft closing lid option to this bin. The mechanism to enable this feature is a gas strut added to the back of the bin which stops the lid from slamming down. Please note that this feature cannot be retrofitted to the bin once it has been manufactured; this needs to be included at the point of purchase.

Is this sackholder suitable for clinical and domestic waste?
This sackholder has been specifically developed for use with clinical and domestic waste. We have been manufacturing sackholders since 1973 and we’ve held the contract for the NHS framework since 1998, so you can be assured that these bins are fit for purpose.

How is this sackholder cleaned?
This sackholder features easy, wipe-clean surfaces in order to adhere to infection control guidelines. To effectively clean this sackholder, we recommend hot soapy water is used – no need for harsh chemicals!

Where should I put this sackholder?
This 28 litre Eco Sackholder offers a small capacity unit for low usage areas such as patient rooms or toilets. They can also be grouped together with other units to collect multiple waste streams in the same place. Integrated castors are built into the base of the unit for ease of manoeuvrability and rubber feet are fitted to the base to stop any marking of walls and floors.

Are there other sizes of this sackholder available?
This Eco Sackholder is available in three sizes. You can also choose our 42 Litre Eco Sackholder or our 80 Litre Eco Sackholder depending on the volume of waste you are collecting and the frequency that the bins will be emptied.

Can discounts be applied to this sackholder?
We are happy to offer discounts on this bin for purchases of five or more units. Send us an email with your requirements to hello@wybone.co.uk to be issued with a discount code before you purchase.

Further information
If you have any further queries or would like to see a sample, please send us an email to hello@wybone.co.uk or call us on 01226 352333.


Capacity Height Width Depth Weight
28 litres 640mm 210mm 340mm 5kg

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  • Soft Closing Lid

    S/LID £19.99

    A gas strut can be fitted to ensure the lid closes softly and quietly. A soft closing lid cannot be retrofitted after the bin has been manufactured.

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28 Litre Eco Sackholder

Wybone 28 Litre Eco Sackholder


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