28-Litre Sanitary Bin – Hand Operated

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Lead Time

3 Weeks

Our sanitary bins are fire-retardant with formidable durability and a bacteria-eliminating antimicrobial coating.

This 28-litre unit is ideal for any bathroom with reduced space and collects sanitary towels and feminine waste.

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2-Year Parts & Labour Guarantee 12-Year Anti-Perforation Warranty Fire Retardant Metal Anti-Bacterial Easy Clean

About the 28-Litre Sanitary Bin – Hand Operated

The 28-Litre Sanitary Bin With Hand Operation 

Wybone sanitary bins are purpose-made for the safe and effective collection of sanitary products and feminine waste. This 28-litre unit is made from galvanised steel, offering excellent durability with rust and corrosion-resistant qualities. This sanitary bin is also fire retardant according to HTM05-03 Regulations.

With the hand-operated bin, you use the smooth ‘lip’ handle which forms the lid of the bin. This allows you, by hand, to deposit waste in the chute which also hides existing contents inside the unit. But if you’d rather have a foot pedal to open the chute, we have you covered. Emptying this sanitary bin has never been easier – simply recline the chute lid which will allow you to remove the bag inside.

The entirety of this sanitary bin is powder coated using silver ion antimicrobial technology. This prevents the growth of harmful bacteria.

This 28-litre unit comes with a white body and yellow lid as per clinical waste requirements. But for bathrooms outside of the healthcare premises, you can customise your sanitary bin with a range of different lids and body colours. Get in touch to let us know what you need.

Looking for a larger unit? Our sanitary bins also come in 42 litres and 80 litres. We also do a slimline version of this bin.


Product Features

  • Hand operated
  • Fire retardant
  • Powder coated using silver ion antimicrobial technology
  • Manufactured from galvanised steel for rust and corrosion resistance and excellent durability
  • A chute that hides any contents inside the bin
  • Comes with a yellow lid as per clinical waste requirements
  • Several lids and body colours to choose from outside healthcare premises

Did you know there are legal requirements for sanitary bins?

The Environmental Protection Act 1990 (Section 34) states that every waste producer has a responsibility to ensure that all sanitary waste is handled properly from storage on-site to collection and disposal.

In addition, the Water Industries Act 1991 stipulates that no sanitary waste shall be flushed down a toilet, to reduce the risk of preventable blockages.

Businesses, shopping centres, public areas and workplaces or any place with females present (or female visitors) must all be guided by the Duty of Care Regulations 1991. This stipulates that suitable means of disposing of sanitary waste must be provided.



Capacity Height Width Depth
28 litres 561mm 207mm 273mm


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2 Year Parts & Labour Guarantee

All of our products come with a 2 year parts and labour guarantee as standard.

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12 Year Anti-Perforation Warranty

Our Galvanised steel products feature a 12 year anti-perforation warranty as standard. This guarantees the surface of our products from rusting through completely.


We manufacture all of our products from scratch at our factory in South Yorkshire. Each item is handcrafted to the highest specification, with lots of Wybone TLC. We estimate that this item will be with you within 3 weeks from receipt of payment. Large quantity orders may be subject to an extended lead time during busy periods.

Orders placed before 1PM are processed the same working day, otherwise they are processed the next working day.


  • Where can I place this sanitary bin?

    This bin is purpose-made for the disposal of sanitary towels and feminine waste, like tampons, period pads and wipes.

  • What is this sanitary bin made from?

    This bin is made from galvanised steel for excellent rust and corrosion-resistant features, fully coated in antimicrobial to fight against harmful bacteria.

  • Are the contents of the sanitary bin hidden?

    Absolutely. When throwing away the relevant waste, you do so by dropping it into a chute. This means that there’s no accessible view of the existing waste.

  • Where can I place this sanitary bin?

    Our sanitary bins belong in any bathroom, whether it’s in hospitals, universities, colleges, restaurants or shopping centres. Our range of sizes means these bins can fit in small to large bathroom areas.

  • Can I customise this sanitary bin?

    Of course. You’ll see all the product images have yellow lids – this is a requirement in healthcare premises. But for bathrooms outside of this industry, we offer a range of lids and body colours with bespoke options. You can get in touch with our lovely sales time if you’d like to find out more!

  • I need more help with this bin

    Have some unanswered questions? Contact our sales time at [email protected] or by calling 01226 744010.