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A4 Vinyl Stickers – Waste and Recycling Stickers

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A4 Vinyl Sticker showing WRAP iconography for waste and recycling. Choose from General Waste, Food Waste, Paper, Newspaper and Magazines, Mixed Paper and Card, Cans, Batteries, Mixed Recycling (orange), Mixed Recycling (green), Cans and Plastic Bottles, Plastic Bottles, Mixed Glass, Confidential Paper.

These A4 vinyls allow you to easily add artwork to your bin to display the waste or recycling stream to be collected. Our customers always tell us that adding artwork to their bins substantially increases the chances of the correct waste and recycling being deposited.

These vinyl stickers come with a peel-off back to make application simple and the water-proof material ensures they stay in place even when the units are cleaned.

Height Width
297mm 210mm

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A4 Vinyl Stickers – Waste and Recycling Stickers

Wybone A4 Vinyl Artwork Stickers


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