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The Artemis is purposefully designed to keep your wheelie bins out of sight, while still allowing the public to throw away their waste.

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About the Artemis

The Artemis Wheelie Bin Cover

The Artemis is a wheelie bin cover that keeps your wheelie bins out of sight while still allowing the public to dispose of their waste. Available in 140 litres, 240 litres and 360 litres, the Artemis is manufactured from galvanised steel, providing excellent durability and rust and corrosion resistance.

The foot pedal-operated chute is ideal for keeping contact to a minimum as there is no need for the public to touch it with their hands. Even if contact is made, or you go for the non-foot pedal option, the handle is manufactured from stainless steel; an easy clean, durable metal that does not support bacteria growth.

Product Features

  • Available in 140 litres, 240 litres and 360 litres
  • Manufactured from galvanised steel
  • Stainless steel handle
  • Optional foot pedal


The Artemis Wheelie Bin Cover is available in different colours and can be used for several different waste streams, including food waste, plastic bottles and mixed glass. An optional foot pedal can be added if you don’t want to use the steel handle.

Why wheelie bin covering is important

Nobody likes seeing dirty, overflowing wheelie bins that give off an unpleasant smell. It can be a good idea to place such bins out of sight while still letting the public know there’s an option for them to throw away their rubbish.

Covering your wheelie bin can offer the following benefits:

  • Contribute to a clear-looking area
  • Remove unpleasant odour coming from the bin
  • Earn the favour of the public by showing you’re taking measures to clean up the streets
  • Stop vandals or unwanted critters from gaining entry



Capacity Height Width Depth
140 litres 1351mm 574mm 694mm
240 litres 1351mm 672mm 829mm
360 litres 1381mm 731mm 938mm


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12 Year Anti-Perforation Warranty

Our Galvanised steel products feature a 12 year anti-perforation warranty as standard. This guarantees the surface of our products from rusting through completely.


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Configure the Artemis

  • 1 Choose the bin size As Priced

  • 2 Choose your colour Included

  • 3 Artwork Options As Priced

  • A3 Vinyl
  • 4 Additional options As Priced

  • 5 Fixing Options As Priced

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Artemis Food Waste Bin in black with a green food waste sticker.

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  • What is the Artemis manufactured from?

    The Artemis Wheelie Bin Cover is manufactured from durable galvanised steel with a twin ball bearing hinged front opening door and slam lock. This stylish cover features a sloped lid, designed to allow rainwater to run off and prevent any rubbish from being left on top of the unit. A pull down chute to the front helps to contain unwanted odours, with a stainless steel handle that makes opening easy and hygienic.

    Disposing of your waste couldn’t be easier; simply pull the chute using the stainless steel anti-microbial handle, or press the foot pedal if chosen to avoid contact altogether, and deposit the rubbish into the awaiting wheelie bin. A gas strut is fitted to the chute to ensure a soft closing motion that gives the user enough time to put their waste safely in the bin as the lid closes gradually.

  • What size wheelie bin is this unit suitable for?

    This galvanised steel wheelie bin cover can be manufactured specifically to fit either a 140, 240 or 360 litre wheelie bin. We also do bespoke sizing so if you have different requirements, feel free to send us your specification and we can work around you!

  • How do I empty my wheelie bin when it has this cover on it?

    This easy to use unit comes with a T shaped universal key that gives access to the front opening door and allows the wheelie bin to be easily pulled out for emptying. Once the bin has been emptied, the wheelie bin can simply be pushed back into the unit with the lid open and a gentle push on the door will lock it in place.

  • I’d like to customise my wheelie bin cover, is this possible?

    All of our products can be tailored to suit your needs, with bespoke vinyl artwork and lettering. Your unit can also be powder coated in any of our standard steel powder coating colours, with anti-microbial paint available on black units.

  • Need more information?

    Feel free to give us a call on 01226 352 333 or send us an email to [email protected], and we’ll be more than willing to help.