BWB Wheelie Bin Cover

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The BWB Wheelie Bin Cover is a large capacity, stylish metal housing to collect on-street litter and hide unsightly wheelie bins while still allowing you to deposit your waste.

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12-Year Anti-Perforation Warranty 2-Year Parts & Labour Guarantee Large quantity orders may be subject to an extended lead time during busy periods Metal

About the BWB Wheelie Bin Cover

The BWB Wheelie Bin Cover 

In a busy, public space, the last thing you want is visitors and locals seeing dirty wheelie bins, or even wheelie bins in general. The honest truth is that it can change how people feel about your area. But perhaps you already knew this.

So how can you overcome it?

The BWB Wheelie Bin Cover is a haven for placing wheelie bins out of sight while still being able to dispose of large quantities of waste. And the four large apertures this bin cover contains make waste disposal super easy from any angle you approach it. 

With the option to choose from a 120-litre, 140-litre, 240-litre and 360-litre capacity, this wheelie bin is constructed using hot-dipped galvanised steel, offering excellent corrosion and rust resistance to create a bin with longevity. This is particularly important in busy areas!

This is a tough unit that has a self-locking mechanism so you don’t have to worry about vandals or critters trying to gain entry. Whether you want a standard lid for a subtle, simplistic design, or a pitched lid to stop the collection of rainwater and food being left on top of the bin cover, the option is yours.

The perks of this bin cover don’t stop there, though. You have plenty of customisation options to sink your teeth into. You can check these out below.

Please note that wheelie bins are not included in this product.

Product features

  • A haven to cover unsightly wheelie bins
  • Pedestrians can still dispose of waste, especially in large quantities
  • Made from galvanised steel, a super effective material for outdoor bin covers
  • Self-locking mechanism and stainless steel rod hinge to stop unwanted entry
  • Choose from a standard lid or a pitched lid to prevent the collection of rainwater or waste on top of the unit
  • Plenty of customisation options to choose from

Why wheelie bins should be covered

Nobody likes seeing dirty, overflowing wheelie bins that give off an unpleasant stench. Perhaps your wheelie bins don’t have this problem, but it still doesn’t hurt to place them out of sight while still letting the public know there’s an option for them to throw away their rubbish.

Covering your wheelie bin can offer the following benefits:

  • Contribute to a clear-looking area
  • Remove unpleasant odor coming from the bin
  • Earn the favour of the public by showing you’re taking measures to clean up the streets
  • Stop vandals or unwanted critters from gaining entry



Capacity Height Width Depth Weight
120 litres 1204mm 586mm 622mm 72kg
140 litres 1301mm 584mm 616mm 75kg
240 litres 1301mm 674mm 813mm 105kg
360 litres 1331mm 733mm 922mm 175kg


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2 Year Parts & Labour Guarantee

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12 Year Anti-Perforation Warranty

Our Galvanised steel products feature a 12 year anti-perforation warranty as standard. This guarantees the surface of our products from rusting through completely.


We manufacture all of our products from scratch at our factory in South Yorkshire. Each item is handcrafted to the highest specification, with lots of Wybone TLC.

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Configure the BWB Wheelie Bin Cover


BWB Wheelie Bin Cover

The 240-litre BWB Wheelie Bin Cover in black with gold beading and lettering.

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  • How are these bins manufactured?

    Part of our Barnsley Bin range, these wheelie bin covers are manufactured from premium quality, 2mm hot dipped galvanised steel, primed and powder coated in any of our standard RAL colours. The premium quality materials we use are sourced locally and manufactured using state of the art machinery and hand finished with special Wybone TLC by our skilled craftsmen. Take a look at how our metal bins are manufactured in our production video!

  • What capacity does the unit come in?

    The BWB is available in a choice of 120, 140 and 240 litre sizes to house any standard wheelie bin. We’re also happy to manufacture this unit in a bespoke size, so we have a bin to suit you no matter what your requirements.

    Large apertures to all four sides maximise the capacity, with internal litter deflectors that ensure waste goes inside the internal wheelie bin. Choose from standard general waste apertures or recycling apertures to collect your chosen waste stream. This wheelie bin housing can also be manufactured as a double unit to collect two waste streams in one housing.

  • Do these wheelie bin covers come with any warranties?

    As with all Wybone galvanised steel litter bins, they come with a standard 1 year parts and labour guarantee and a 10 year anti-perforation warranty. This guarantees the surface of your units from rusting through completely.

  • How do I empty this wheelie bin cover?

    The BWB features a stainless steel rod hinged self-locking door, which is secured with a slam lock and accessed using a universal key. Simply remove the wheelie bin* to empty and a gentle push on the door will lock it back in place. Watch our video on how to use this wheelie bin cover.

    *Wheelie bin not included

  • Can I customise this bin?

    This range of wheelie bin covers come with a range of optional extras and can be completely tailored to suit your design and functionality needs. Our full range of ashtrays and stubber plates can be fitted to the top of the bin to ensure that those areas where smoking is permitted can be kept clean and tidy of cigarette ends.

    Advertising is a great way to recoup the costs of new bins. You could opt for advertising panels that are cut out of the bin to hold an advert inside, with a sheet of polycarbonate to the front to protect the posters. Alternatively, advertising frames can be fitted to the unit to allow artwork to be regularly changed.

    As with all of our galvanised steel units, they can be powder coated in any of our standard colours – the most popular colours for this unit are black and silver.

  • Where should I put these wheelie bin covers?

    The modern design and large capacity makes this unit ideal for city centres, shopping centres and universities, particularly high traffic areas where it may be difficult to empty on a regular basis. We have recently manufactured these bins for Glasgow City Council!

  • Need more information?

    If you have any more questions about our BWB range or you would like to request a meeting with our sales team, feel free to give us a call on 01226 744010 or send us an email to [email protected]