Deluxe Cup Recycling Unit


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The Deluxe Cup Recycling Unit offers a unique, creative solution to your cup, lid and liquid waste with 6 waste streams.


2-Year Parts & Labour Guarantee Polythene

About the Deluxe Cup Recycling Unit

The Deluxe Cup Recycling Unit

The Deluxe Cup Recycling Unit is a plastic cup-shaped recycling bin with 6 separate compartments that allow you to dispose of cups, lids and liquids. This lets waste contents stack up inside the tubes, allowing more room for coffee cup disposal.

The cup tubes in this unit are connected together and lifted out as one piece. The cups then fall into the bag, whilst the lids tube and liquid tube are removed separately to keep the waste streams segregated.

This bin is made from polythene; a fully sealed rotationally moulded body that’s leakproof. This stops any liquid that goes into the bin from leaking onto the floor. The vacuum-formed lid that’s made from strong high-impact polystyrene-grade plastic offers a durable, wipe-clean surface that is easy to maintain.

This coffee cup-styled bin also comes with an optional flap to ensure that no unwanted contents enter the unit. You can also choose to have your own logo on the bin, including A3 or A4 artwork, or a full body wrap with your own unique design.

An Eco version of this bin is also available, with 3 waste streams instead of 6. Check out our Eco Cup Recycling Unit.

Product Features

  • Plastic cup-shaped bin with 6 separate compartments for cups, lids and liquid
  • Generous capacity to reduce frequent emptying
  • Main cup collection section fitted with metal sack retention frame and bag hooks
  • Body is made from leakproof polythene to stop liquid leaking onto the floor
  • Vacuum-formed lid is made from high-impact polystyrene-grade plastic and offers a wipe-clean surface that’s easy to maintain
  • Lift-off plastic lid is easy to remove
  • When removing the lid, the liquid collection tube is held securely in place
  • Choose from a full body wrap or A3 and A4 for your own custom design




Capacity Height Diameter Weight
5 litres 816mm 552mm 19kg


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Configure the Deluxe Cup Recycling Unit

  • 1 Body Colour Included

  • 2 Artwork Options Included

  • 2 Optional Bags Included

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Deluxe Cup Recycling Unit

Deluxe Cup Recycling Unit with a grey body and white lid.

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  • How is this bin manufactured?

    Our deluxe coffee cup recycling bin is manufactured from tough polythene and is available in a range of colours, making it a robust option for cup collection. The lid is vacuum formed from high-impact polystyrene grade plastic, giving a wipe-clean surface that is easy to maintain. This durable lid features six cup and lid collection tubes and a separate liquid collection section which can be emptied independently.

  • How do I empty this bin?

    This cup recycling bin is quick and simple to empty. The lift-off plastic lid is easy to remove and the six collection tubes are held in place by a metal plate which allows them to be easily lifted out. As the lid is lifted, the tubes open at the bottom allowing the cups to fall into the internal bag – this efficient way of collecting cups reduces their volume by up to 75%.

    The liquid collection tube features a sealed base to reduce the risk of any leakage and the low volume ensures there are no manual handling issues for emptying.

  • What capacity is this bin?

    This large circular bin has the capacity to hold a maximum capacity of 430 large disposable cups with an additional smaller aperture to collect up to 3.5 litres of waste liquid. The wide circular apertures are 95mm to ensure even the largest disposable cup can fit.

  • Where can I put this bin?

    This coffee cup bin’s quirky design fits perfectly into contemporary environments, particularly coffee shops, offices and shopping centres. Shaped like a takeaway cup, we think this bin is eye catching and will encourage users to segregate and accurately dispose of their waste.

  • Can I customise this bin?

    The Deluxe Cup Recycling Unit comes with the option of including A3 or A4 artwork of your choosing. All we need from you is a high resolution image and our design team will do the rest!

    You can also choose to have a full body wrap, so your custom artwork is shown around the entirety of the bin. You also have plenty of body colours to choose from.

  • Does this bin come with any warranties?

    As with all Wybone polythene bins, this comes with a 1 year parts and labour guarantee.

  • Benefits of high-impact polysytrene

    High-impact polystyrene is known for its strength and solid stiffness. This ensures that the bin remains resistant against long-term damages that may naturally occur in a busy indoor setting.

  • How are coffee cups recycled?

    Only a handful of companies in the UK offer coffee cup recycling, one of which is waste management company James Cropper. At their plant in Cumbria, they recycle old coffee cups into paper and packaging – some of their well-known customers include Lush and Selfridges. The cups are collected, sorted and baled. Unique to others, James Cropper has the facility to remove the inner plastic lining, this prevents coffee cups from being recycled at a normal plant. The plastic is sent to another recycling partner and the fibres from the cups are used to make paper and packaging.

  • What bin do coffee cups go in?

    Coffee cups need to go in specific bins made especially for coffee cup disposal. There are only a few manufacturing companies that produce coffee cup bins that give you everything you need to completely dispose of your cup, Wybone being one of them.

    Make sure you keep an eye out for them; especially ones that provide multiple waste streams so you can dispose of the lid, cup and liquids separately.

  • Can I put this bin outside?

    The Deluxe Cup Recycling Unit has been manufactured for indoor use only.

  • I need more help with this bin

    If you would like to book a meeting with our sales manager to see a sample of this bin, give us a call on 01226 744010 or send us an email to [email protected]

    A deluxe version of this recycling bin is also available which features multiple internal collection tubes, take a look at the Deluxe Cup Recycling Bin.

    *This bin is suitable for indoor use only.