Biodegradable Dog Poop Bags – Pack of 800

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Our biodegradable dog poop bags are perfect for walks with your tail-wagging companion.

Find out more about these dog poop bags below:

About the Biodegradable Dog Poop Bags – Pack of 800

The Biodegradable Dog Poop Bags (Pack of 800)

Our dog poop bags are there to accompany you on your doggy travels.

They are 22 microns thick and have a deep gusset in the bottom to help you with picking up dog poo. They come in cases of 800 and have a pull-out strip allowing only one bag at a time to be removed. But if 800 dog bags are too many, you can choose 200 instead!

The material used to make these dog waste bags contains a special chemical called D2W which allows the bag to degrade quicker than a leaf, so they’re very eco-friendly.

These bio-degradable dog poop bags work well with our dog bag dispenser, too.




Product features:

  • 22 microns thick with a deep gusset for easy dog poop pickup
  • Contains a special chemical called D2W which allows the bag to degrade quickly – it’s super eco-friendly

Why you should bring dog poop bags on your dog walks

Dog poop left unpicked is a haven for germs to thrive. And we’re talking harmful germs, too – like pathogenic or parasitic bacteria. Your dog’s poo could also contain pathogens that can lead to zoonotic diseases – it’s true! They can pass from animals to humans.

Beyond the risk of spreading awful germs, it’s also just not nice to leave dog poop out on display for someone to eventually step in. Have you ever stepped in dog poop? Yep. Annoying.




Height Width Depth
360mm 240mm 100mm


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