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The WGP/3 Face Recycling Bins are made from polythene plastic, a durable, lightweight material that’s UV stabilised and perfect for school playgrounds and parks.

2-Year Parts & Labour Guarantee Polythene Recycling Lockable Option

About the WGP/3 Face Recycling Bin

The WGP/3 Face Recycling Bin

These 90-litre recycling bins are purpose-made for children, perfect for schools, zoos or theme parks. The face designs provide a unique, fun and engaging approach to encourage children to recycle.

Manufactured using polythene, the WGP/3 Face Recycling Bin is lightweight and durable, providing long-lasting life and eliminates the need for frequent maintenance. This recycling bin is also UV stabilised, preventing fading and discolouration over time.  The circular, curved design and open apertures makes these units safe for children and easy to use.

An optional concrete base and lock can be added for security and a galvanised steel liner can be added for ease of emptying.

Product Features

  • 90-litres
  • Manufactured using polythene
  • Child-friendly design
  • UV stabilised
  • Fantastic durability
  • Ideal for schools




Capacity Height Width Diameter Weight
90 litres 1016mm 457mm 457mm 8kg


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  • What is this recycling bin made from?

    The WGP/3 Face Recycling Bin is manufactured using polythene, a popular, lightweight, durable plastic that’s UV stabilised to prevent discolouration and fading.

  • Where can these children's bins go?

    These children’s bins are ideal for schools, playgrounds, zoos and theme parks. Their circular, curved design makes these bins safe for any outdoor or indoor area with children.

  • Can children easily damage these recycling bins?

    Polythene is a sturdy, durable plastic that doesn’t damage easily, making it a perfect and popular choice for school premises.

  • Does this product come with any warranties?

    This product comes with a 2-Years Parts & Labour Guarantee.

  • How to encourage children to recycle

    Teaching kids how to properly recycle and dispose of litter at a young age can be effective in setting them up for their later years. With their young brains still developing, it can be a pivotal time to get them into healthy habits that help the environment.

    Here are some ways you can encourage children to recycle:

    1. Child-friendly bins

    At such a young age, learning about proper recycling and waste disposal isn’t always the most exciting thing on young minds. That’s why, at such an early age, it’s important to make the mundane, fun. Animal face bins, though simple, provide a quirky, eye-catching design that correlates with child-like innocence and works in tandem with child development.

    It’s also crucial that children’s bins are designed with safety and ease of use in mind. Our animal face bins have a circular shape with no sharp corners, and open apertures so children can easily see how and where to dispose of waste.

    2. Monkey see, monkey do 

    A phrase written by Michigan State University, their article covers the topic of development in early years and how children will copy what they see. A widely known and discussed topic, this can be applied to waste disposal. In a school that encourages and facilitates growth and development, teachers and staff can build awareness around proper waste disposal and build these habits into their students daily lives.

    3. Make recycling a game

    Children love positive feedback and being rewarded for good behaviour. Turning recycling initiatives into a game could be an effective way of encouraging children to recycle and dispose of litter properly. In a school environment, you could put a chart in the classroom that tracks recycling milestones for teams or individuals and reward them with an incentive.

  • The benefits of teaching children to recycle

    Recycling is more important than ever. In 2021, 14 million tonnes of municipal waste ended up in UK landfill, contributing heavily to harmful gasses in the atmosphere that are damaging our ecosystem.

    It’s proven that building habits at an early age helps children carry these tendencies forward into their mature years. Getting them into a routine of proper, frequent waste disposal and recycling methods during their transformative years will give them the knowledge and ability to understand the importance of bettering the environment.

  • I need more help with this product

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