Heritage Picnic Table

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Our Heritage Picnic Table is ideal for a fun family-packed day out. 

Inspired by Victorian cast iron furniture, the use of galvanised steel and trendy Iroko wood offers a wooden picnic table that’s great on the eyes and comfy to the touch.

2-Year Parts & Labour 12-Year Anti-Perforation Metal Timber Recycled Plastic

About the Heritage Picnic Table

Heritage Picnic Table

The Heritage Picnic Table is ideal for parks or even towns. The bench offers a Victorian cast iron vintage look. But we’ve thrown out the use of cast iron because it’s prone to rust and it’s not sturdy as a picnic table should be.

Instead, we use galvanised steel. A highly sought-after material that’s known for its rust-resistant and durable features. You’ll have a table that stands the test of time.

The use of Iroko wood not only adds extra durability, but a unique, eco-friendly, beautiful appeal that’ll wow visitors. Or you can choose to have recycled plastic slats for your table to continue doing your part for the environment.

You can also add a logo of your choosing to have a picnic table that’s personal to you. 

Looking for something different? This range also comes with the Heritage Seat

Please note: As this bin is made of wood, we recommend inspecting your unit every 6 months, or more if it is placed in busy areas. 




Product Features:

  • Inspired by Victorian cast iron furniture
  • Cast iron is prone to rust. The use of galvanised steel means you won’t have to worry about rust for a long time
  • Galvanised steel is also very durable, improving the longevity of the picnic table
  • Made from iroko hardwood; a tough, eco-friendly beautiful material your visitors will love
  • Choose to have recycled plastic slats instead of an oak finish
  • An optional logo can be placed on the side of the table for a personal touch


Can picnic tables improve parks and towns?

Absolutely. They’re a haven for families and groups that need a spot to nest down, catch their breath or have a bite to eat. And if you can place them in some picturesque locations, you’re on to a winner.

Are picnic tables better than benches?

Plainly speaking, we don’t think one is better than the other. However, they do have their advantages. Picnic tables are perfect for larger groups for a day outing. Benches are more subtle, meant for a romantic walk or a sit down between two strangers!



Height Width Depth
758mm 1800mm 1490mm


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2 Year Parts & Labour Guarantee

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12 Year Anti-Perforation Warranty

Our Galvanised steel products feature a 12 year anti-perforation warranty as standard. This guarantees the surface of our products from rusting through completely.


We manufacture all of our products from scratch at our factory in South Yorkshire. Each item is handcrafted to the highest specification, with lots of Wybone TLC.

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Configure the Heritage Picnic Table

  • 1 Product Finish & Colour Included

  • Choose your frame colour
  • 2 Oak Finish As Priced

  • 3 Fixing Options As Priced

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Heritage Picnic Table

Heritage Picnic Table at a park.

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  • What is this picnic table manufactured from?

    The Heritage Picnic Table end panels are manufactured from 5mm Galvanised steel, and can be powder coated in any of our standard RAL Colours. The seat & table can be assembled from either Iroko Hardwood or Recycled Plastic slats.

  • Where can I put this picnic table?

    Due to them being modelled after cast-iron furniture, and working well with our traditional planters & bollards, these tables make an excellent addition to Heritage Sites, Parks, and Open Spaces, as well as Picnic Areas, Playgrounds and Coastal Areas.

  • Does this picnic table come with any warranties?

    As with all Wybone galvanised steel products, this bench comes with a 1 year parts and labour guarantee and a 10 year anti-perforation warranty – this guarantees the surface of the bench from rusting through completely. The wood will require routine maintenance typically after one year’s service. We hope you understand that wood is a natural product and is therefore subject to infinite changes in colour and marking.

  • Can I customise this picnic table?

    This table comes with a choice of wood finishes or Recycled Plastic slats, and you can also choose the colour of the metal frame.

  • Is wood a good choice for a picnic table?

    Lucky for you, we’ve covered this. 

  • Can wood be easily damaged?

    We use iroko hardwood for our Heritage Picnic Table because of its tough, durable features. It also has great resistance to water and against varying temperatures. Put simply, wood isn’t immune to damage, but it’s not easy to harm this unit!

  • How do I install this picnic table?

    The legs of this table are fitted with pre-drilled ground fixing plates – we recommend using RAWL Bolts to quickly and easily ground fix the bench. If you’re looking for a permanent solution, this bench can be manufactured with legs that are extended by 300mm to allow for ground fixing with spikes to secure into concrete.

  • I need more help with this table

    If you have any further questions, feel free to give us a call on 01226 352333 or send us an email to [email protected]