Mini Cyclo Litter Bin

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112 Litres 224 Litres

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3 Weeks

The Mini Cyclo Litter Bin is an outdoor litter bin made up of a glass fibre composite (GFC) body with a strong rounded top and a glass reinforced plastic (GRP) door with optional integrated dimples to prevent posters being stuck to it.

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About the Mini Cyclo Litter Bin

The Mini Cyclo Litter Bin

The Mini Cyclo Litter Bin is an outdoor litter bin that is manufactured using a glass fibre composite (GFC) body and top and a glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) door, providing excellent durability against even the roughest of weather. Our glass fibre litter bins can last over 30 years outdoors.

Available as a single 112-litre unit or a double 224-litre unit, this outdoor litter bin is ideal for commercial areas, including town centres, outside business premises, schools, colleges and universities.

Choose from a smooth or textured body with multiple colour options. The door is also available in an array of colours to help you create an eye-catching unit.

The Mini Cyclo Litter Bin can be accessed using a Budget Lock Key, allowing for easy access with the front-opening door when it comes to emptying the litter bin. This unit comes with a budget lock as standard with the option to upgrade to a slam lock. The GRP door contains optional anti-poster dimples to prevent posters being stuck to it.

There is also an outdoor recycling bin variation of this unit, the Mini Cyclo Recycling Bin, available in the same sizes.

Product Features

  • Available in 112 litres and 224 litres
  • Body manufactured using glass fibre composite
  • Door manufactured using glass-reinforced plastic
  • Front-opening door
  • Budget lock included




Capacity Height Width Depth Weight
112 litres 990mm 480mm 490mm 45kg
224 litres 54mm 895mm 430mm 54kg


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Mini Cyclo Litter Bin

Mini Cyclo Double Litter Bin in all black in front of a bush.

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  • What is this outdoor litter bin manufactured from?

    The surround is manufactured from robust glass fibre composite, our glass fibre is a technique exclusively developed by Wybone, whereby a core material is encapsulated using fire retardant glass fibre polyester resins. This is available in any of our standard British Standard colours.

    The door is manufactured from Glass reinforced plastic.

  • What are the advantages of glass fibre?

    Glass fibre composite is ideally suited for street furniture due to its high impact strength and durability. It’s completely unaffected by extreme weather conditions and salt water, which allows the bin to be placed in a coastal or roadside location and remain intact for years. Glass fibre composite also has a low carbon footprint due to the longevity of the product.

  • What are the advantages of glass-reinforced plastic?

    Glass-reinforced plastic is lightweight, but the inclusion of glass fibres makes GRP extremely tough and durable, reducing the chances of deformation and abrasions. GRP is also corrosion-resistant, ideal for outdoor litter bins.

  • How long will this outdoor litter bin last?

    Thanks to its glass fibre body and glass-reinforced plastic door, the Mini Cyclo Litter Bin can remain outdoors all year round without weather-related damage.

  • Where can I place this unit?

    This outdoor litter bin is ideal for commercial areas, like business parks, outside shopping centres, towns centres, schools, colleges and universities.

  • What capacity is this outdoor litter bin?

    The single unit has a capacity of 112 Litres, the double unit has a capacity of 224 Litres.

  • How do I empty this litter bin?

    This unit is accessed using a Budget Lock Key to open the front-opening door. The L1 Galvanised Steel Liner can be easily pulled out from the bin, ready for emptying.

  • What liner is used for this bin?

    This litter bin uses a L1 Galvanised Steel Liner.

  • Need more information?

    Feel free to give us a call on 01226 352333 or send us an email to [email protected], and we’ll be more than willing to help.