MWB Steel Wheelie Bin Cover

Product Code: MWB/120/140/240/WEB
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These MWB Steel Wheelie Bin Covers come in 3 sizes to house small to large wheelie bins, including capacities of 120 litres, 140 litres and 240 litres. These bin housings provide a great way to hide unsightly wheelie bins as well as increase the volume of litter collection in busy areas whilst reducing the need for many litter bins. You can spot our wheelie bin covers throughout busy cities in the UK including Sefton, Conwy and Gateshead. You can also read about our project with Newcastle City Council implementing 900 MWB Wheelie Bin Covers here.

What is this wheelie bin cover manufactured from?

This premium range of wheelie bin covers is manufactured from 2mm galvanised steel, expertly primed and powder coated in your choice of RAL colour. A completely closed lid ensures no rainwater is able to get into the unit and you can choose from a range of options to personalise your bin covers.

What capacity does the unit come in?

The MWB Steel Wheelie Bin Covers are available in a choice of 120 litres, 140 litres and 240 litres sizes to house any standard wheelie bins. We’re also happy to manufacture in bespoke sizes, so we have a bin to suit you no matter what your requirements.

Large apertures to each side of the unit enable collection of bulky items and internal deflectors ensure that these are directed into the awaiting wheelie bin. You can choose from standard general waste apertures or recycling apertures to collect a range of items, and you can also choose our double unit to collect 2 waste streams in one housing.

Do these wheelie bin covers come with any warranties?

As with all Wybone galvanised steel litter bins, they come with a standard 1 year parts and labour guarantee and a 10 year anti-perforation warranty. This guarantees the surface of your units from rusting through completely. You can read the advantages of galvanised steel here.

Where should I put these wheelie bin covers?

The modern design and extra large capacity is perfect for busy environments such as cities and shopping centres; the large capacity makes these wheelie bin covers ideal for areas where it may be difficult to empty on a regular basis.

How do I empty this wheelie bin cover?

This range of wheelie bin covers features a stainless steel rod hinged self-locking door, which is secured with a slam lock and accessed using a universal key. Once the wheelie bin has been emptied and pushed back inside the unit, a gentle push on the door will lock it back in place.

Can I customise this bin?

The MWB Steel Wheelie Bin Cover is available with your choice of waste stream apertures and optional vinyl artwork. Whether you just want to add your own logo or you require bespoke artwork, we have the team to do it – just send us an email with your requirements. Additional features include a choice of ashtray or stubber plates, perforations and vinyl or laser cut lettering. As with all of our galvanised steel units, they can be powder coated in any of our standard colours to suit your environment or branding.

Need more information?

If you have any more questions or you would like to request a meeting with our sales team, feel free to give us a call on 01226 352333 or send us an email to


Capacity Height Width Depth Weight
120 litres 1207mm 625mm 657mm 90kg
140 litres 1302mm 657mm 625mm 93kg
240 litres 1302mm 690mm 819mm 125kg

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