Red Dog Bag Dispenser – Express Unit

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This Red Dog Bag Dispenser – Express Unit has been specifically designed to give quick and easy access to dog waste bags. We like to look after the environment at Wybone, so we think it is particularly important to encourage owners to pick up after their dogs.

The dog bag dispenser is manufactured from durable galvanised steel and powder coated in red to make it stand out. The galvanised steel and powder coating process ensures the dispenser will stand up against the elements and is protected by our 10 year anti-perforation warranty; so you know it will still look great and will not rust in our unpredictable British weather!

The dispenser features a locking door with drop down front access for easy emptying and refilling of dog waste bags. Two hooks secured to the inside of the Dog Bag Dispenser hold the waste bags in place for convenient dispensing. Bags are available in boxes of 800 and are grouped in bundles of 50 for easy refilling.

This Dog Bag Dispenser is ideal for use in parks, playgrounds and in popular dog walking areas to encourage dog owners to clean up after their pets. Many campaigns are now calling for tighter rules on dog fouling and we think this is a helpful way to encourage clean streets and parks, with the safe and correct disposal of dog waste.

This Red Dog Bag Dispenser can be used as a standalone product or can be fitted to most of our metal dog bins; call us on 01226 323 333 for more information.

Dispenser Dimensions

Size Height Width Depth Weight
800 bags 500mm 280mm 105mm 2kg

This item is part of our stocked range and is available for delivery within 48 hours of your order being placed. A customised version of this item is available, however this will be handmade just for you, so will take a little longer to arrive.

Orders placed before 1PM are processed the same working day, otherwise they are processed the next working day.

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  • 1 Fixing & Post options As Priced

  • Fixings
  • Screw Seal Strapping

    S/SEAL £12.49

    Set includes 2 x 4ft lengths of stainless steel strapping for securing one post mountable bin.

  • Plastic Strapping

    P/STRAPPING £2.99

    Plastic strapping for use with all post mounting litter bins.

  • Posts
  • Ground Fixing Post

    GFP £41.49

    Ground Fixing Posts are for use when fixing directly to a solid, hard standing or concrete. The posts needs to be secured in place with RAWL bolts (Not Included).

  • Tie Bar Grouting Post

    SPP £41.49

    The Tie Bar Grouting Post is for use when siting into wet concrete - the spikes hold the post first in place securing it into the ground.

  • Ground Anchor Post / Ground Anchor

    GAP / GA100MM £41.49 / £111.48

    Ground Anchor Posts are designed for use with a Ground Anchor when sitting a bin into soil or soft ground. The Ground Anchor GA100MM (not included) is driven into the ground then the Ground Anchor Post can be bolted directly into the anchor.

  • Anchor Tool Kit

    GATK £73.99

    The Ground Anchor can be sited in place using our Anchor Tool Kit (GATK), which can be bought or hired (please call for details about hiring). Drive the ground anchor into soil using the fixing tool, wind out to fix into place then bolt the post to the plate. Please check for hidden cable and pipes before using this product.

  • RAWL Bolts

    BTGRL30 £14.99

    For use with the Ground Fixing Post to secure in place.

  • 2 Optional extras As Priced

  • Bio-degradable Dog Waste Bags

    DOG/BAGS £37.75

    Case of 800 bags that are 22 micron thick, have a deep gusset in the bottom to help with the pickup. They have a pull out strip allowing only one bag at a time to be removed.

  • Dog Lead Hook

    DLH £3.99

    Optional dog lead hook can be fixed to the bin giving users a handy place to secure their dog lead.

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Red Dog Bag Dispenser – Express Unit

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