Dog Waste Bin with Lift Up Lid

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The WDB/LU Dog Waste Bin with Lift Up Lid is a fully galvanised steel 56 litre capacity dog waste bin with lift up lid and sack retention system. ‘Clean it up’ vinyl sticker as standard.

Black painted lid comes with an anti-bacterial coating as standard.

Post mountable bins are supplied with a universal bracket only. Posts are not supplied with the bins, all additional fixings must be added to your order. All lockable units come complete with key.

Additional options include firework blast vent and dog lead hook.


Capacity Height Width Depth Weight
56 litres 622mm 419mm 235mm 14.5kg

We manufacture all of our products from scratch at our factory in South Yorkshire. Each item is handcrafted to the highest specification, with lots of Wybone TLC. We estimate that this item will be with you within 2-3 weeks from receipt of payment. Large quantity orders may be subject to an extended lead time during busy periods.

Orders placed before 1PM are processed the same working day, otherwise they are processed the next working day.

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Configure your bin

  • 1 Choose body colour Included in price

  • 2 Optional extras As Priced

  • Firework Blast Vent

    BV £11.03

    The Firework Blast Vent is designed to release the pressure in the event of a firework exploding inside the bin. This optional extra is available the WDB range of dog waste bins only.

  • Dog Lead Hook

    DLH £4.00

    Optional dog lead hook can be fixed to the bin giving users a handy place to secure their dog lead.

  • 3 Post fixing options As Priced

  • Screw Seal Strapping

    S/SEAL £12.35

    Set includes 2 x 4ft lengths of stainless steel strapping, for securing one post mountable bin.

  • Plastic Strapping

    P/STRAPPING £2.99

    Plastic Strapping for use with all post mountable litter / waste bins.

  • 2 Post options As Priced - Metal Post Mountable dog bins are able to be bolted directly to our posts

  • Ground Fixing Post

    LU/GFP £41.19 /WT 8.5kg

    Ground Fixing Posts are for use when fixing directly to solid, hard standing or concrete. The post needs to be secured in place with RAWL bolts (Not included).

  • Tie Bar Grouting Post

    CH/SPP £41.19 /WT 8.5kg

    The Tie Bar Grouting Post is for use when siting into wet concrete – the spikes hold the post firmly in place securing it into the ground.

  • Ground Anchor

    GA100MM £69.63 /WT 3.6kg

    The GA100MM Ground Anchor is for use with Ground Anchor Posts and features a 100mm square adaptor plate. The Ground Anchor is driven into the ground where it is then secured via extendable fixings. The Ground Anchor Post bolts directly to the anchor plate.

  • Ground Anchor Post

    GAP £41.19 /WT 5.5kg

    Ground Anchor Posts are designed for use with a Ground Anchor when siting a bin into soil or soft ground. The Ground Anchor GA100MM (sold separately) is driven into the ground then the Ground Anchor Post can be bolted directly into the anchor.

  • Anchor Tool Kit

    GATK £73.77

    The Ground Anchor can be sited in place using our Anchor Tool Kit (GATK), which can be bought or hired (please call for details about hiring). Drive the ground anchor into soil using the fixing tool, wind out to fix into place then bolt the post to the plate. Please check for hidden cables and pipes before using this product.

  • RAWL Bolts

    BTGRP £14.81

    Set of 4 RAWL bolts for ground fixing.

  • £ 0.00


Dog Waste Bin with Lift Up Lid

Wybone - WDB/LU Dog Waste Bin with Lift Up Lid


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