Recycle on the go with Wybone’s new external cup bin

February 17, 2020

Did you know that only 1 in 400 coffee cups are recycled in the UK? We’re always thinking of ways to improve our product ranges and bring innovative products to market, so we’re excited to introduce an External Cup Recycling Bin for outdoor cup collections.

We’ve helped a number of businesses improve their cup recycling rates with our range of internal cup recycling bins and we’re commonly asked if they’re suitable for outdoor use – that’s why we’ve designed an external version to meet the demand for on the go cup recycling!

In the same way as our standard litter street bins, these new units are manufactured from galvanised steel, with a rolled circular body and closed welded lid to replicate a coffee cup. Dissimilar to our internal cup recycling bin that features a vacuum formed plastic lid, this new steel lid is purpose designed for outdoor use, with a weighted steel base to keep the bin in place.

This external cup bin has been designed with an internal divider and two separate sections for cups and lids, preventing the two being mixed and contaminated – which leads to more effective recycling.

A gas strut assisted lift up lid allows access to the two bags inside to be removed without the risk of the lid closing. The internal waste bags are secured in place using sack retention frames, these ensure the bag doesn’t move, split or fall into itself when it starts to fill up with cups. The sloped design prevents standing rainwater and any rubbish being left on the top.

The welded lid is manufactured with shaped apertures for cups and lids on both sides which ensures the bin can be accessed from all sides, making this bin ideal for busy retail parks and outside cafes and coffee shops.

The key recycling concern with disposable cups is the plastic lining on the inside of the paper, which is able to conduct the heat from your hot drink. If these are emptied of any liquids and the fully plastic lid removed, they can be sent to a specialist plant and recycled more efficiently.

We’re currently working with Oxford Direct Services in partnership with Oxford City Council, who are the first organisation to implement our external cup bins onto the streets. These new units will feature bespoke designs around the bodies, using artwork submissions from the public.

Their Cup of Inspiration competition has encouraged the people of Oxford to send in inspirational and diverse artwork that will be installed on one of the bins in the city. We can’t wait to see these new recycling bins in place!

If you would like any further information on our new cup recycling bin or any of our other products in the range, feel free to give us a call on 01226 352333 or send us an email to