We helped recycling at Marwell Zoo become more relephant

March 20, 2017

We manufactured bespoke Mini Cyclo Dual Recycling Bins for Marwell Zoo in Winchester, with the added feature of a tray stacking area on the top of the unit.

Manufactured from glass fibre composite, our Mini Cyclo bins are hardwearing and durable, and can withstand adverse weather conditions. They’re unaffected by salt corrosion, which means that the bin will never rust. As they don’t need to be replaced, these bins also have a low carbon footprint!

Just to prove how tough our glass fibre composite bins are, our team demonstrated a hammer test to show that the bin will remain unaffected. Click here to see the video.

Our Mini Cyclo Recycling Bins feature two galvanised steel liners that can hold a total capacity of 224 litres, perfect for collecting large amounts of rubbish.

These bins will be used in Marwell Zoo’s picnic areas, specifically designed with a space on the top of the unit for customers to place their empty food trays.

The door to the front of the bin is manufactured from glass reinforced plastic and painted in bright green to match their brand colours, with customised apertures and A4 vinyl artwork displaying general waste and mixed recycling to encourage proper disposal of waste.

Flexibility is rarely seen in the manufacturing industry, which enables us to create unique products specifically suited for our customers. We designed personalised products for The Dunkirk pub and Get Off Road UK – read more about our bespoke services here.

If you have any specific requirements, feel free to give us a call on 01226 352333 or send us an email to

Wybone Mini Cyclo Dual Recycling Bin