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Do your bins need a bit of Wybone TLC?


We’re a fan of ‘second chances’ here at Wybone! That’s why we offer a full refurbishment service for our Glass Fibre and Metal Products.


We can refurbish any of our steel or glass fibre composite (GFC) products, increasing their lifespan dramatically.


The process is very thorough and leaves the bins looking brand new, so new in fact, that we have had to photograph the process for some of our customers as they just couldn’t believe the end result was the same bin!


Refurbishing your existing bins not only saves you money but also benefits the environment, as it saves waste from going to landfill and saves material as we don’t have to start from scratch and make completely new bins.


The process for our glass fibre bins involves steam cleaning the bins, grinding the surface, re-bonding and filling any cracks, re-spraying with glass fibres, smoothing down, adding new moulded plates, re-spraying, and finally hand finishing any gold detailing before the transformation is complete.


Refurbishing our steel products follows a similar process but the units are sandblasted and resprayed to look brand new!