Retailers show progress in becoming more sustainable

December 5, 2017

Some big name businesses are becoming more environmentally conscious and making small changes to benefit the environment; predominantly focusing on the issue of food waste. Almost £16 billion worth of food is wasted each year, which is equivalent to around £700 per household.

The supermarket chain Co-op have revealed that they will now sell non-perishables that are past their best before date for just 10p. This comes after a successful three-month trial, which saw the stock fly off the shelves within an hour.

This announcement comes a week after waste organisation Wrap established new date label guidelines for food retailers, to help tackle the amount of edible food thrown away in the UK.

Other supermarkets such as Tesco, Asda and Waitrose have publicised that they now send surplus food past their best before date to food banks and local charities.

Aldi have shared that they will be distributing excess food to local charities or those less fortunate when they close at 4pm on Christmas Eve. This note was circulated on social media and urged organisations to contact their head office if they would like to collect any of the leftover stock.

Another key problem that is being addressed is the large amount of plastic waste, which leads to uncontrolled dumping in landfills or our oceans.

Wetherspoons and Malmaison Hotels have announced that they will stop serving drinks with plastic straws to customers to reduce the amount of plastic thrown away.

The popular cooking show Saturday Kitchen showed their support of both causes with a compost caddy at the front of their counter, as well as sampling drinks with their guests using paper straws.

Although plastic straws are now off the menu for a lot of companies, both paper and plastic are required to be recycled correctly which prevents them from being sent to landfill.

We believe that by providing a range of innovative units, we can help organisations reduce food waste and improve recycling rates.

We offer a full range of bins specifically designed for the collection of food waste; our FWB/60 Food Waste Bin is ideal for post mounting and comes with a lift up flap on the aperture to help contain unwanted odours.

For recycling on a larger scale, the Torpedo Triple Internal Recycling Bin is a 162 litre galvanised steel unit that combines three separate compartments to collect your choice of waste stream. The stylish curved design and large capacity is ideal for contemporary interiors such as airports and shopping centres.

We also have a tray unit version that features a flat hooded top with a rubberised grip matt for the collection and storage of food trays.

Our Food Donation Bin is manufactured from galvanised steel with a transparent body that makes the contents visible and reduces the risk of cross contamination. White vinyl lettering clearly displays the use of the bin with an optional A4 vinyl sticker to the front. The large aperture can accommodate most food packaging, including cereal boxes – we think it would it make a perfect collection point for non-perishable foods!

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