Wybone’s Road Of Many Colours!

December 2, 2013

Si Homfray is running to Everest…from Sheffield, all under is own steam. Just him and his trailer Gromit.

Running to Everest and then climbing it, is no easy task. It is an 8,000-mile journey, unsupported and on foot all the way. The trip will see Si running through 20 countries, from August 2013 until March 2015, all to raise money for The Alzheimer’s Society. All Si has with him is, is trusty trailer ‘Gromit’.

Gromit existed as a set of aluminium poles and a rucksack as a means for Si to carry his belongings whilst on the move. However running was difficult and bouncy, so Gromit came to us here at Wybone for some special modifications.  He needed to be more rigid and better at transporting heavy loads, stiffer and with a lockable storage section – all without increasing the width to make sure he would still fit through doors.

To modify the unit we first had to create a 3D model and work out how best to adapt the framework. As Si’s blog says, here at Wybone we can “make anything out of anything”. So we got work and eventually designed Gromit to have a glass reinforced plastic box mounted on the aluminium poles that would act as a storage container and also ingeniously folded out to create a bed!

Gromit was now ready for his epic adventure to the other side of the world and provide Si with a place to sit, eat store and sleep!

Here at Wybone we have all the manufacturing capabilities needed for a project like this, which is why we offer a bespoke service for our customers who want to create the perfect piece of street furniture. We can design, manufacture and deliver something unique from a range of materials to your specific requirements, why not put us to the test!

Everest 1

Everest 3

Everest 2


We wish Si all the luck in the world with his journey and we hope Gromit helps him succeed and raise thousands of pounds for a wonderful charity!

Si has run over 1,700 miles so far and is still going strong! He’s already run down England, across France, Italy and Croatia and will soon be running across Eastern Europe to Istanbul before heading to the Middle East! Si is not launching a new site where you can ‘adopt a mile’ of his journey to help him raise his target of £80,000 for the Alzheimer’s Society. Si will also be publishing a paperback book and a photo book from his adventure.

Read Si’s blog here:

If you would like to donate and support Si on this inspirational journey, you can here:

Si’s chosen charity is The Alzheimer’s Society –