The scary truth about Halloween

October 31, 2017

Halloween is upon us! It’s that time of year again for extravagant costumes and trick or treating. However, most of us are unaware of the terrifying sustainable consequences of Halloween.

An estimated £510 million is set to be spent on Halloween costumes in the UK this year, with only 40% to be worn just once. Last year was no different, with 14 million costumes thrown in the bin.

This contributes to 12,500 tonnes of costume materials that get sent to landfill each year; these spooky statistics have been released in a report by

Environmental charity Hubbub have been running the #SewSpooky campaign throughout October to urge people to create their own Halloween costume using existing clothing or materials in order to reduce this seasonal waste.

More than 42% of us buy a pumpkin each year to carve, which is simply thrown into the bin. Over 18,000 tonnes of pumpkins are thrown away each year; this amounts to approximately 360 portions of pumpkin pie!

With only 1 in 3 people willing to eat their carved pumpkin, Hubbub are also responsible for the #PumpkinRescue campaign which encourages people to eat their leftover pumpkin.

TV chef Jamie Oliver is supporting this campaign and has shared his recipe for pumpkin soup on his Twitter page. You can see his tweet here.

Food waste is now widely accepted for recycling by most councils, this includes your left over pumpkin. Food waste that’s not recycled ends up in landfill, which produces a harmful amount of greenhouse gases that contribute towards global warming and climate change.

We recommend using our Food Waste Bin; this unit is manufactured from galvanised steel and features a slanted lid, designed to allow rainwater to run off and prevent any rubbish from being left on the top. A lift up flap on the lid helps to contain unwanted odours, with a stainless steel handle that makes opening easy and hygienic.

Disposing of your pumpkin couldn’t be easier; simply lift the flap using the stainless steel handle and drop into the 112 litre internal liner. An additional soft closing lid can also be fitted onto the lift up flap; this makes the lid close gradually, allowing more time for rubbish to be placed into the bin without hassle.

For more information about our food waste bins, send us an email to or give us a call on 01226 352333

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