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Local Authorities

We have been providing bins and street furniture to Councils and local authorities for over 40 years. We manufacture grit bins, litter bins, recycling bins, bollards, benches, planters, storage units and much more at our factory in South Yorkshire.

We like to think that the most important factor when choosing your bins and street furniture is quality, and that’s why we invest in the best possible equipment and the most talented staff to design your products, take your orders, manufacture your products and have them delivered to you with extra special Wybone TLC!

We have a great range of internal and external litter bins to suit any environment, from glass fibre composite units that will not corrode next to sea fronts, to metal litter bins which look great on high streets.


Clinical Environments

We specialise in providing clinical waste bins for all medical environments from hospitals, health centres, dentists, care homes, first aid rooms and even veterinary practices!

Our clinical waste bins come with anti-bacterial coating as standard and are available in a variety of colours to suit different waste streams and adhere to infection control guidelines.

We use only the best materials and all of our bins are fire tested to the highest standards to ensure strength and durability. Glove and apron dispensers also compliment our clinical range.


Schools, Colleges & Universities

Our waste bins for schools and nurseries combine practicality and sturdiness with safety and a little bit of fun! Our range of internal and external products include a variety of colour and vinyl options for effective waste segregation. We even offer a range of animal face bins to encourage children to recycle and dispose of their waste correctly.

Our bins, benches and bollards come in a range of shapes and sizes to fit any environment.



Shopping Centres & Retail

We understand that bins in shopping centres need to be multi-functional as well as aesthetically pleasing! That’s why we often create bespoke solutions to compliment specific surroundings and incorporate the logos and colours of our customers.

Our bins can be tailored for any environment and come with a range of colour, artwork and aperture options. We have options for traditional cast-iron style bins, contemporary metal powder coated bins and everything in between!

They’re also ideal for daily storage of returned clothes until they can be re-hung, or as hanger bins due to their large capacity and easy emptying.


Food Environments

Wybone bins are especially suitable for food environments, particularly because of the anti-bacterial coating and handsfree operation. Great for eliminating the spread of bacteria from uncooked foods, and with large apertures to make scraping chopping boards easy work.

We also manufacture food waste bins and a range of recycling bins to ensure that various waste streams can be segregated and correctly stored.

For great discounts on bulk orders of hotel or restaurant waste management solutions, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly sales team on 01226 744010.


Washrooms & Sanitary

Wybone waste bins are ideal for use in the bathroom at home or in the work environment; they’re also suited to care home and nursery bathrooms. Wybone sanitary bins are extremely easy to wipe clean using a simple spray and cloth. The Plastisol body has been specifically designed to have non-porous surfaces meaning that bacteria is not spread from the surface.

We offer a range of sizes from a small and compact 28 litre sanitary bin which will fit discreetly between toilets and sinks, to much larger 98 litre capacities for larger scale use, such as in hospitals or hotels.


Office & Public Sector

Wybone office waste bins offer practical and effective solutions for office rubbish disposal and office waste management.

Available in a range of sizes and finishes, we offer everything from foot pedal operated waste bins to confidential waste paper bins. Our bins come in a variety of shapes to fit into almost any space, and we have a range of materials to suit your requirements.


Large Organisations

We manufacture a range of great products for both internal and external use and we offer great discounts on bulk orders. Our business is to make your business look great, which is why many of our products can be customised to your specific branding colours and include your own logo, either laser cut or finished in vinyl.

We can tailor-make internal and external litter bins to suit your waste requirements and provide a great range of recycling units to improve recycling in your organisation. We can also provide outdoor benches and picnic tables, bollards, smoking bins and storage units.

We’ve designed and manufactured branded bins for large customers such as Haribo, Manchester Airport, Junction 32 Shopping Outlet and Bourne Leisure. Contact us today to discuss your specific requirements and how we can tailor-make our products to suit your organisation.