Shooting for the stars for South Manchester NHS Trust

April 24, 2018

We’ve just completed another set of Rocket Capsules to be shot over to University Hospital of South Manchester NHS Foundation Trust to brighten up the spaceship and rocket themed children’s ward.

The Trust first contacted us with the request for these specially designed bins back in 2016 when they decided they needed to look for something to make their bins more child friendly.

They suggested that we use the rocket artwork on the floors of the ward for inspiration and as always, our design department were happy to help!

The curved design of our Capsule sackholder lid and base offer a safe and stylish solution with no sharp edges, suitable for environments where children are present. The optional coloured lid and base units make it easy to show the waste stream being collected, and these functional colours still look great in keeping with the theme of the ward.

Using the design from the floor decals, we created four rocket designs in green, yellow, red and blue to be applied to the front of the Capsule sackholders and placed around the children’s wards.

The bins were so popular that the hospital have recently approached us to do 12 more, as part of a larger sackholder order for their other wards. They were even asked by another ward manager where the bins came from as they had a different design idea that they would like to be created!

We’ve launched this new clinical waste bin on our website (no pun intended, honest) with rocket vinyl artwork applied to the front in a range of colours. Why not take a look? We’re hopeful that this new design will really take off!

If you would like us to create special artwork for you, or you would like to see a sample of our bins, please contact us on 01226 352333 or email

Wybone 80 Litre Rocket Capsule