Southmead Hospitals Choose Hybrids!

March 1, 2014

After Wybone successfully won the tender to supply Bristol Southmead Hospital, an order for over 5000 units, including siting, was placed.

The Hybrid units were ordered all white, for use with magnetic labels. All white units allow the magnetic label to determine the waste stream, so the waste streams can be changed quickly and easily if required – so a clinical waste bin can quickly become an infectious waste bin just by changing the magnetic label!

Using magnetic labels like this effectively gives you multiple bins for the price of one, saving the hospital money and also giving added flexibility.

This large order of Hybrid sackholders needed to be manufactured and sited in time for when the new hospital was due to open.

This meant producing 400 units per day to complete the order in time, ready for our siting team to take over and position all the units within the hospital.

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and highly skilled staff enabled us to complete this order in just 13 days, timed perfectly to allow for siting the units for the Hospitals opening date!

Our Hybrid hospital bins are ideal for use in ward areas, treatment rooms or theatres in a hospital, thanks to their unique construction that makes them wet-room proof, non-marking but also tough and durable.

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