St Ann’s choose Wybone Torpedo Triple Recycling Bins

May 11, 2017

We’ve recently manufactured Torpedo Triple Recycling Bins for St Ann’s Shopping Centre in Harrow, with a bespoke flat hood and rubberised grip matt for the collection of food trays.

Our Torpedo Triple Recycling Bins are manufactured from powder coated galvanised steel and feature a magnetic door catch, allowing effortless opening and emptying.

The units have three galvanised steel liners to collect multiple waste streams, keeping it segregated for easy disposal, which can hold a total capacity of 162 litres – perfect for busy environments!

St Ann’s Shopping Centre requested bespoke artwork for mixed recycling and food waste, with a separate removable liquid collection tube for unfinished drinks.

The recycling bins will be placed around the shopping centre to encourage the correct disposal of waste and to collect used food trays.

The contemporary curved design is ideally suited in airports and shopping centres, with a slanted front to discourage items being placed on top of the bin.

The Torpedo Triple Recycling Bin can collect around two tonnes of plastic bottles per month when sited in a busy environment.

Take a look at our new Torpedo Triple Recycling Bin with Tray Unit.

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Torpedo Triple with Tray Unit