Stay #InTheLoop with Hubbub’s new recycling campaign

October 28, 2019

A new on-the-go recycling initiative has been introduced in the cities of Edinburgh and Swansea, to allow the public to recycle plastic bottles, cans and coffee cups on the street for the first time. The #InTheLoop campaign is a five-month trial that focuses on getting the public to recycle whilst on the move.

Following the success of the campaign in Leeds, Swansea and Edinburgh are the next two cities to take part, with plans to expand to 10 cities across the UK over the coming year. Our recycling bins were well received in the Leeds campaign, with substantial recycling rates – so we’re pleased to be asked to take part in this on-the-go recycling scheme.

In Edinburgh, the council have backed the campaign, as well as organisations such as the Changeworks and Waverley Mall. Our BWB Wheelie Bin Covers are already situated in the city which have been adapted with vinyl artwork to display the new campaign branding.

Swansea Council have welcomed the initiative and have joined the Hubbub partnership, which also includes Swansea Environment Centre, Keep Wales Tidy and Swansea University. The campaign was launched at the university campus, with our existing Strobe Recycling Bins that now displayed the campaign branding. The launch also featured an art installation called the ‘Swansea Wave’, which presented a visual idea of how much packaging we get through whilst on the go and encourage people to recycle plastic bottles, glass bottles, cans and coffee cups.

As a main focus in the #LeedsByExample campaign, our Eco Cup Recycling Units were delivered to Edinburgh and Swansea to help improve cup recycling across the city. Our cup bins are manufactured with a rolled, galvanised steel circular body and a vacuum formed plastic lid.

Shaped like takeaway cups, these units are eye-catching and should encourage users to do the right thing – with three separate compartments to collect disposable cups, lids and liquid waste. The units are powder coated in bright orange to make them more noticeable amongst other recycling bins in the city.

This campaign proved successful in Leeds Centre, with over 600,000 disposable cups collected in just six months. According to Hubbub’s impact report, cup bins collected the largest volume of target material of any collection method.

We love working with Hubbub and we’ve taken part in a large majority of their campaigns; from creating our Goal Litter Bins in their #LoveWhereYouPlay campaign to the Road Hog for roadside collections to #DriveDownLitter. As a flexible manufacturer, we’re able to meet our customers bespoke requirements and advise the best way to create the ideal litter or recycling bin for your environment.

If you would like more information, visit the Swansea or Edinburgh campaign pages. If you would like to speak to our team to discuss our range of recycling bins, give us a call on 01226 352333 or send us an email to