Strobe – The Interactive, Multi-Sensory, Talking Recycling Unit

June 4, 2013

The launch of our Strobe – The Interactive, Multi-Sensory, Talking Recycling Unit signifies an industry first in interactive recycling. This all-encompassing design includes audio-visual feedback and tactile Braille text ensuring inclusivity. Every aspect of this unit has been designed to encourage and promote recycling and ultimately boost your recycling rates, whilst also engaging the user.

Transparent panels help to quickly identify waste streams on approach, whilst audio messages “thank you for recycling”; trigger the deposit counter and flashing LED’s. Bespoke audio messages and artwork options make the unit unique to each location whilst solar power creates a standalone unit with minimal installation.
Strobe 1


Interactivity & Inclusivity

The Strobe is multi-sensory and features braille, LED illuminated waste stream signs, counting recyclables sign and it even talks to you! All these features ensure inclusivity for all users, from the visual impaired to the hard of hearing. Any message or voice can be recorded on the talking units and they’re quick and easy to update so your messages can be kept fresh and keep people coming back to hear them.


Bright fascia plates around each aperture, depicting WRAP iconography and artwork make each recycling stream stand out from a distance.

The clever deposit counter adds up the number of bottles and cans that have been recycled since it has last been emptied, a brilliant visual way of showing how effective the unit is.

Other finishes are available, such as a wood effect finish to suit different locations. The unit can be powder coated in any RAL/BS colour depending on your requirements.

Solar Power

Solar panels power this self-sufficient talking unit ensuring it is a green investment for the future. The battery holds the solar charge allowing the units features to still work when the sun isn’t shining. Intelligent battery charging management maximises the battery life cycle by protecting it from being over charged by the solar panels or being under charged through general use.

Also included is a mains power option allowing for indoor use, meaning the Strobe can be used anywhere, inside or out.


The Strobe is a very visual unit that sends out a clear environmental message and shows commitment to recycling, something local businesses would be keen to associate themselves with. The Strobe unit includes large advertising spaces that can be rented out, helping to recoup the cost of buying the unit in the first place, making it a sound investment.

The Strobe not only has visual advertising space for sale but the airtime of the recorded voice units can also be rented out. Adverts or sponsorship messages can be recorded and added to the talking element so every time an item is recycled a message is played.

Strobe 2

Manufactured in the UK 

As we design and manufacture all our own products and make them on site in the UK, we have the unique advantage of being extremely flexible. We offer a bespoke design service and can adapt our designs to suit you, so we can take elements from the Strobe and incorporate them into our existing product range. We can also modify the Strobe to suit your requirements; we can change the unit to have more or less compartments or different waste streams due to the unit’s modular design.

Strobe 3

Designed to Boost Recycling Rates

Developed for WRAP Wales and sited at Bangor and Swansea Universities, these units have been designed to ascertain whether the utilisation of innovative, interactive containers can positively influence recycling rates.

The recyclables collected will be continuously monitored over a 6 month period to evaluate the impact the Strobe Containers are having. By introducing an innovative container such as this, the anticipated impact is likely to be high, with increased recycling rates for plastic bottles and cans as well as influencing behaviour change through the interactivity which the units provide.

The clear panels on the unit make it easy to see what recyclables should go in each compartment and a vinyl sticker helps when the bin is empty, preventing cross contamination of waste streams.

Strobe 4

Construction & Security

Manufactured from corrosion resistant powder coated, galvanised steel ensuring the unit will last.

Transparent panels are made of Lexan, a clear polycarbonate resin thermoplastic featuring excellent weathering resistance, UV protection and the highest impact strength of any transparent glazing product. Having these clear panels makes it easy to see what is inside the unit, helping to prevent the cross contamination of recycling streams but also discouraging any suspect items from being placed in the unit because they will be easily seen. Security is an issue in any public environment, so having this peace of mind is invaluable.


All features described are included on the Strobe Deluxe