Taking cup recycling seriously

May 3, 2018

Over the past couple of years, we’ve seen a rapid growth in awareness about cup recycling – and more importantly, that more needs to be done to recycle and reuse our disposable cup waste.

Thanks to Hugh Fernley Wittingstall and his crusade to drive awareness, the UK population is now more conscious than ever about the 5,000 cups that are thrown away every minute and organisations have been forced to review their recycling strategies.

With this important shift in recycling focus, we designed and manufactured our Eco Cup Recycling Bin and our Deluxe Cup Recycling Bin – and we continue to work with our customers to make design updates and improvements to better help with the collection of segregated paper cups, lids and waste liquids.

In 2017, we joined forces with Simply Cups – an organisation formed purely to address the UK’s fastest growing waste stream and to provide a service to collect the materials and send them directly to reprocessors with a full audit trail, giving the customer peace of mind that their waste is actually being recycled.

We’ve been touring the country with our Cup Bins, manufacturing for a range of organisations that are making a conscious effort to collect and segregate take away cup recycling.

We’ve modified our standard cup bins to accommodate our customer requests, including full wrap vinyl artwork, a metal flap to the lid and the incorporation of logos or company colours. You can see our gallery of images below.

You can spot our cup bins in a range of places, including University Hospitals Manchester NHS, The University of Hertfordshire, Bristol Airport, Network Rail and a host of other organisations!

We’ve also developed a new range of cup bins for use in secure environments such as airports and universities. These cup bins include transparent panels to show the waste streams and inner tubes to hold liquid waste.

What ever your cup collection requirements, were sure to have a design for you – and if we haven’t, we’ll make it! Just give us a call on 01226 352323 or email

Wybone Cup Recycling Bins