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Thank you, NHS. Thank you, key workers.

To the doctors, the nurses, the administrative staff, the researchers, the cleaners, the carers, the families who are without their loved ones because they are fighting to save others; we see you, we appreciate you and we thank you.

We want to thank the council workers ensuring our bins are collected; the shop workers risking their safety to make sure we have food supplies; the pharmacists; the police workers, paramedics, emergency call takers, food delivery drivers; the logistics teams keeping our deliveries coming; the teachers sharing distanced learning and the parents who have had to become teachers; and the support systems behind all of these amazing people. We thank you greatly!

At Wybone, we are key workers providing clinical waste bins to the NHS and our dedicated team of manufacturing engineers haven’t complained once about continuing to come to work during these unprecedented times.

Many of us are fortunate to be remote working, sitting in our newly formed ‘offices’ with our pets and family members as our new team mates.

It’s only been a short time since we entered full lockdown and our gardens became our daily dose of fresh air, but in that time we have manufactured hundreds upon hundreds of sack holders and packed them off to be delivered to the whole length of the UK. 

We’ve set up additional production lines to cope with the demand and we’ve seconded many members of our sheet metal and glass fibre teams to form one big sack holder team! We’re proud of everyone for showing up and working hard, despite the current climate.

Like everyone, we hope that this will be over as soon as possible and that all of our friends, colleagues and loved ones stay safe and well during this time.