Torpedo Single Recycling Bin

Wybone - Torpedo Single Recycling Bin

The Torpedo Single Recycling Bin is a circular recycling bin with a sack retaining lift-off chrome swing lid featuring WRAP iconography to depict your chosen waste stream (Shown with customer specific artwork).

These galvanised steel units look great grouped together to form a recycling point and are available in three sizes. Using larger units for recyclable waste and a smaller unit for general waste can really boost recycling rates, helping you collect more recyclables. Weighted swing lid provides better fire protection and helps to contain unwanted odours.

Torpedo Double Recycling Bin

Wybone - Torpedo Double Recycling Bin

The Torpedo Double Recycling Bin is a curved double recycling bin featuring magnetic catch double doors and WRAP/Recycle Now branding to aperture fascia plates.

A security version is also available with transparent doors and liner which allows easy identification of any suspicious contents.

This version also helps prevent cross contamination of recycling streams, helping to boost recycling rates!

Manufactured from 2mm powder coated galvanised steel and featuring a magnetic door catch, the Torpedo Double Recycling Bin is easy to open and quick to empty. This double recycling bin is fantastic for contemporary interiors such as airports and shopping centres.

Torpedo Triple Recycling Bin

Wybone - Torpedo Triple Recycling Bin with Lift Up Lid

Three compartment recycling bin, beautifully designed and manufactured, the Torpedo Triple Recycling Bin with Lift Up Lid is the ideal choice for busy public areas.

This stylish recycling bin has three compartments, a sloping top and magnetic catch double doors. There is a choice of apertures and colours available with WRAP/Recycle Now branding allowing the collection of any standard waste stream.


Torpedo Bench

Wybone - Torpedo Bench

The Torpedo Bench consists of two steel end units with Iroko hardwood slats inbetween.

The Torpedo Bench has a chunky feel and looks great in contemporary locations.

Please note: wood is a natural product and will require routine maintenance typically after one years service.