Up to 25% off grit bins!

February 16, 2016

The good old British weather is frosty this week and snow is forecast over the next few days (much to our disappointment), so we’ve put together our best offers and we’re giving you up to 25% off grit bins.

Our extensive range includes grit bins for every environment, whether you’re looking for plastic or glass fibre, for your home or organisation, and even if you want a mountain of salt – we’ve got what you need!

Priced at just £79.99, our 200 Litre Heavy Duty Grit Bin is a customer favourite; perfect for car parks, streets and small businesses. Need some salt to fill your bins? You can order it by the bag with your grit bins or you can order in sizes of 250kg, 500kg and 1000kg.

If you’re looking for bundles, we have multiple sizes available, each including a shovel and salt. Starting from as small as 30 litres for just £38.99, ranging right up to our 308 litre glass fibre composite grit bin for just £343.99.

For areas where space is at a premium, we’ve got stackable grit bins with up to 25% off, starting from just £49.99.

Don’t wait for the slips and trips, order yours today!

Wybone - 168 Litre Polythene Grit Bin