We’re working with Simply Cups to support Gunwharf Quays’ cup recycling scheme

October 23, 2018

We’ve worked with Simply Cups to provide Gunwharf Quays Shopping Centre with Cup Recycling Units to support their new cup recycling scheme.

We designed and manufactured Deluxe Cup Recycling Bins with bespoke full wrap artwork for the shopping centre in Portsmouth, as part of their new scheme offering cup recycling points for customers. The shopping centre have partnered with Simply Cups and packaging company Huhtamaki, who have been running a similar scheme in neighbouring town Gosport.

Our cup recycling units are shaped like takeaway cups, manufactured from galvanised steel with rolled circular bodies and vacuum formed durable plastic lids. We think this design is eye catching and will encourage users to segregate and accurately dispose of their waste.

Our Deluxe Cup Recycling Unit has six internal tubes that stack the cups and lids, with a separate collection tube for liquid waste; this efficient way of collecting cups reduces their volume by up to 75%. When the lid is lifted, the tubes open at the bottom allowing the cups to fall directly into the waste bag.

The shopping centre aims to recycle 100% of its collected waste, Gunwharf Quays also has a recycling centre on site, which allows them to collect their waste and recycling, and segregate in-house.

The used cups and lids will then be taken to specialist facilities that can separate the paper from the plastic inside, which then allows the material to be recycled.

Full wrap artwork is becoming a popular choice on our cup recycling units, as it allows customers to create bespoke recycling artwork and branding which can be displayed around the body of the bin.

We’ve recently worked with SWR Newstar and Costa Coffee who will be supplying Deluxe Cup Recycling Units with full wrap artwork to Edinburgh Airport – encouraging users to dispose of their coffee cups correctly or to invest in a reusable cup.

We’ve worked with Simply Cups for the past year, promoting and supplying cup recycling bins to businesses across the UK.

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