We’ve got a new Press Brake!

May 27, 2015

There’s excitement in the Wybone factory this week as we’ve got some brand new machinery to improve our processes and production. We’re always looking to be ‘greener’ at Wybone and this new addition to our factory will not only improve our efficiency, but it will also provide us with a more economic way to produce our sackholder and Box Cycle bodies.

We have installed a HFEM21003 which – for those more technically minded – means that we have a new red machine that has 100 tonnes of pressure and is 3 metres long.

Our new Amada Press Brake has replaced our previous HFT1003, which has served the Wybone factory well over its 15 years of service. In fact, it was one of our very first press brakes.

The upgraded machinery means that we will now benefit from intelligent graphical programming and a visual Tooling Library. These advancements will help us to speed up our setup and production times and improve efficiency, so that we can better serve our customers!

The eco-friendly machine operates with a start-stop type technology, meaning that the hydraulics are only used when the pedal is pressed and as a result is 65% more economic to run than our previous press brake.

A Program Library will allow us unlimited storage so that we can catalogue our products by type and by customer. In short, this means that if you order a bespoke sackholder or Box Cycle from us, we can store your very own program on the press brake and produce your order even more efficiently than before!

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