We’ve welcomed Brabantia to the Wybone range

April 11, 2016

There’s a new range of Brabantia bins on our website and we think you’ll really like them!

You can even get some of them with Express delivery in just 48 hours. Ranging from small 20 litre bins to 60 litre capacity bins for heavy usage, and ideal for use in the home or work environment; we think there’s something for everyone! Take a look below to view the range and use the links to get more information or place your order.


Brabantia Big Bin

Brabantia Big Bin with 60 litre capacity

Ideal for large amounts of waste, this 60 litre bin is great for busy kitchens, canteens and offices. The extra large, easy to open lid prevents spills and eliminates the need to fold or squash litter. Manufactured in brilliant steel with a protective floor ring.

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Brabantia Recycle Touch Twin Bin

Brabantia Recycle Touch Twin Bin

This Brabantia bin is great for waste segregation. Manufactured in stainless steel, the contemporary design allows two separate waste streams to be collected within the two plastic, removable inner buckets. The motion control, soft closing lid makes this bin perfect for quieter environments and ideal for the office or patient environments.

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Brabantia 60 Litre Touch Bin

Brabantia 60 Litre Touch Bin | WyboneThis large capacity bin is big enough to empty a dustpan without spilling. The unique dampened lid hinge prevents noise when opening and closing the bin. Available in a range of great colours to suit home or work environments.

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Brabantia Touch Bin

Brabantia Touch Bin
The Brabantia Touch Bin lets you store up to 60 litres of waste. The soft touch lid opens and closes with the slightest of touches and the large opening makes it easy to dispose of waste without spillage. Manufactured in brilliant steel with a protective floor ring. Ideal for schools, homes and offices.

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Brabantia Space Saving Pedal Bin

Brabantia Space Saving Pedal Bin with 40 litre capacity


This space saving bin has a flat back to encourage the most efficient use of space when placed against a wall. The 40 litre capacity bin has a motion control, soft closing lid and is manufactured in matt fingerproof steel with a plastic, easy to remove liner.

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Pushboy Fireproof Litter Bin

Pushboy Fireproof Litter Bin

We’re also excited to say that you can get the Pushboy Fireproof Litter Bin on our website now. The smooth, domed lid and large push open aperture looks great in homes, offices and schools. Manufactured from high quality powder coated steel and finished with a stainless steel aperture.

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