The Wybone 4th Annual Golf Day & Factory Visit

June 8, 2014

Wybone’s 4th annual golf day took place on Thursday 5th June at Sandhill Golf Club in Barnsley.

The day started off a bit cloudy, but as everyone tee’d off the sun started to appear.

The course was tough going, recent rain had made the ground very muddy, but everyone managed to get round in good time.

There were lots of brilliant prizes up for grabs from local companies and Wybone’s suppliers, so when the scores were in everyone was excited!

Alan Turner from Wybone commented, “Everyone has had a great day, especially when the sun came out. I’d like to thank everyone for coming and taking part and to all our sponsors who have donated some fantastic prizes! We hope to have another Golf Day next year and make it even bigger and better than ever!”

Mark Sutherland, overall winner added, “I’ve had a great day, conditions were tough but it’s a brilliant course and it’s been a pleasure.”

Winner of the prize for the highest score, Jonathan Burnham from Wybone said, “I’d have been better off kicking the ball round! But it’s been a great day, everyone has enjoyed themselves and thank you to Monks & Crane for the prize!”

Thursday night saw the very first Wybone games night take place, with Wybone staff, customers & suppliers all going for a few games of pool and darts at a local club in Cawthorne.

Friday 6th June was the Wybone factory visit, with customers going along to tour the production departments and see how products are made. Visitors also had chance to look at the new Wybone brochure “The Big One”.

Sean Blake from Havant Council commented, “We couldn’t have asked for anything more, everything’s been fantastic!”

If you’d like to attend Wybone’s golf day in 2015 call 01226 744010 or email

Golf 1

Golf 2

Golf 3