Wybone Bins Used By Recycling Hero!

March 5, 2014

The Isle of Wight NHS praises Wendy Fawdry, a recycling champion! Wendy has been commended for her efforts of recycling cans, plastic bottles and newspapers within the Medical Assessment Unit.

The NHS trust uses Wybone’s metal, pedal operated waste bins within their wards and clinics. Green waste bins are used for the collection of recycling, helping to keep the waste separate from clinical and general waste.

Charles Joly, Environmental Waste & Sustainability manager commented that “We are slowly but surely rolling out recycling facilities in both clinical and office areas. I was really delighted to see Wendy making those ectra efforts to recycle and it does mean a lot to the waste team. By recycling, staff are doing their bit for our planet and local environment, and also save some money for the Trust which can be re-directed to frontline services.”

Using the correct type and size of bin in each area really can save a lot of money. By providing the right receptacle, people are more likely to place their waste in the right bin, helping to save expensive disposal costs if the wrong items are in the wrong bins. Wybone Ltd offer waste audits to help Trusts identify where savings can be made, to book yours call 01226 744010 or email