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Wybone creates stickers to spread NHS appreciation

This week at Wybone HQ we wanted to do something to spread a little cheer and appreciation for our NHS, so we began printing some ‘we ©NHS’ stickers to be included with our orders. Just last year we invested heavily in our own commercial printer and it has proven to be a great asset to our manufacturing capabilities. It’s certainly come in handy more recently as many of our suppliers have closed or are operating with just skeleton staff.

At the moment, we’re working hard to produce a continuous supply of sack holders to our NHS for use as PPE bins and for disposing of clinical waste to stop the spread of Coronavirus. As of this week, each order will receive these stickers inside the lids of their new bins.

We’ve got five designs to collect and we’d love it if they were shared with friends and family where it is possible and safe to do so. All we’re asking in return is that those who can, send us a photo of their sticker proudly displayed, using #NHSThankYou; this way we hope to spread a little bit of joy and appreciation in these worrying times.

We’re available on most social platforms. You can find us on Twitter @litter_bins and you can search for Wybone Ltd on Facebook and LinkedIn.