Wybone deliver over 200 clinical waste bins to Nottingham University Hospital within 12 months

September 25, 2023

From August 2022 to August 2023, Nottingham University Hospital has received over 200 of our clinical waste bins & sackholders.

It’s another achievement to add to the books!

But how did this come about?

Well, we’ve been supplying healthcare bins to the NHS since 1998. And we’ve carried out some impressive projects with them during this time – you can take a look at some here. Truth be told, you can find our clinical waste bins in most hospitals around the UK.

It’s a partnership we’re proud of and one that keeps developing. Our strong relationship with the NHS means hospitals, like Nottingham, trust us to provide what they need.

We understand that cleanliness, fire safety and the efficient management of all waste streams is of paramount importance within healthcare premises. And it’s important for the NHS to work with a manufacturer who understands this. All our clinical waste bins are manufactured to exacting standards enabling them to comply with all your legislative requirements. We’ve also been manufacturing clinical waste bins since 1973 – so we can safely say we know a thing or two by now!

We always look forward to working with Nottingham and the wider NHS service.

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