Contour Triple Iroko Wood Litter & Recycling Bin for University of Wales Trinity Saint David.

Wybone Fly Into 2024 With Multiple Successful Tenders

March 1, 2024

This may be our busiest year yet. And it’s only March!

Since returning to Wybone after the Christmas break, we’ve been hard at work, submitting tenders up and down the country. With the Wybone team working tirelessly to get it right, we’re extremely proud to have been awarded four tenders already – with more currently in the pipeline. 

Two months into 2024 and we already have some impressive names under our belt!

University of Wales Trinity Saint David Tender

We were awarded the tender for University of Wales Trinity Saint David in February. Throughout March, we’ll be sending 28 of our Contour Triple Litter & Recycling Bins with Iroko Wood Panels, 52 of our Box Cycle Triple Recycling Bins and 11 of our Box Cycle Quad Recycling Bins to the University.

Contour Triple Iroko Wood Litter & Recycling Bin for University of Wales Trinity Saint David.
Contour Triple Iroko Wood Litter & Recycling Bin for University of Wales Trinity Saint David.

University of Wales Trinity Saint David was founded in 2010 and has three main campuses that we’ll be delivering to: the Swansea Campus, Carmarthen Campus and Lampeter Campus. Each campus has its own unique style and design, with historic but timeless buildings and modern architecture. The Lampeter Campus was built in 1822, with the Carmarthen Campus a few decades later in 1848. Steeped in history, our Contour Litter & Recycling Bins will blend effortlessly in both areas – the Iroko wood paneling on the front-opening door offers a both modern and historic appeal, perfect for all three campuses. The galvanised steel body is rust and corrosion-resistant, while the Iroko wood is durable against rot and insect attacks – we’re confident these bins will serve the University well for a long time!

Our Box Cycle Recycling Bins will be distributed between all three campuses as the new indoor litter and recycling bins for the University. The Box Cycle Triple Recycling Bins feature a plastic transparent body for paper and cardboard and mixed recycling (metal, plastic and cartons). The middle compartment is for general waste, with a steel body to hide the contents of the unit. The quad unit has an additional compartment for glass, and all the bins have Welsh over English artwork.

Box Cycle Quad Litter & Recycling Bin for University of Wales Trinity Saint David.
Box Cycle Quad Litter & Recycling Bin for University of Wales Trinity Saint David.

In 2023, the Welsh Government announced new regulations for waste management in the country. Coming into force from the 6th of April 2024, public and private sector establishments must adhere to correct waste separation practices. You can read more about this new legislation in our article here, where we helped schools across Cardiff meet these regulations.

With the ambitious aim of providing the highest quality of education in Wales to transform lives, we couldn’t be prouder to have our bins on display in and around the University. 

National Museum of Wales Tender

After taking part in a competitive tender for the National Museum of Wales, we’re overjoyed to have been awarded an item-by-item basis contract in February. We initially submitted the tender in December, but liaised with the National Museum of Wales to shape our proposal to match what they were looking for.

In the end, we’re delighted to be supplying a mix of internal and external litter and recycling units, including our WTS/8 Triple and Double Litter & Recycling Bins, a newly designed BMB unit with a timber fronted door, and our Box Cycle, C-Bin and MM units for internal litter and recycling.

The National Museum of Wales was built in 1870, and its historic, architectural design has maintained its appearance over a century later. Last year, we won a tender to supply 270 of our WTS/8 Iroko Wood Litter & Recycling Bins to heritage sites across the UK, so it’s amazing to see our Iroko wood units serve impressive areas of Welsh heritage.

WTS/8 Double Iroko Wood Litter & Recycling Bin at an outdoor shopping centre.
WTS/8 Double Iroko Wood Litter & Recycling Litter Bin

Dumfries and Galloway Tender

In February, we won the tender to supply 302 BMB2/40 Ecos to the Scottish Council area of Dumfries and Galloway – they were keen to distribute street litter bins with an aesthetically pleasing design because each unit would be placed in areas with high levels of tourism. This will be a new product, an alteration of our BMB2/40 Barnsley Litter Bin.

Unlike the standard BMB2/40, the BMB2/40 Eco has an ashtray built into the top of each bin instead of being installed separately. The bin also comes with solid flap openings to all four sides to prevent gulls from gaining entry.

Having supplied our MLB/112 Steel Litter Bins and VMP Steel Picnic Tables to Dumfires and Galloway in the years prior, this tender has allowed us to work with the Council in a much larger capacity, and we’re excited to see the relationship develop as we support their on-street waste management solutions.

Wybone BMB240 Standard Vinyl Litter
The BMB2/40 Barnsley Litter Bin

Swansea Council Tender

Our eco-friendly street litter bins will be prevalent around the city of Swansea in the coming weeks after winning the tender to supply 760 of our MLB/112 Eco Steel Litter Bins. We’ve been manufacturing our standard MLB Range for decades – the MLB/112 Steel Litter Bin is our flagship litter bin and has made its way to nearly every street corner in the UK.

But with the passion to move forward and redefine our products, we’ve made our MLB Steel Litter Bins more ecologically friendly without changing the features of what makes our standard range so popular. Collectively, we’ve made the following improvements:

  • 50% reduction in energy consumption
  • 56% reduction in paint consumption
  • 36% in transport reduction
  • 28.5% reduction in raw materials consumed
  • 22% reduction in steel
  • 25% recycled steel used in its manufacturing

You can read more about these changes, why we made them and how they benefit the environment in our article here.

The MLB/112 Eco Metal Litter Bin in black with gold lettering.
The MLB/112 Eco Steel Litter Bin.

It’s safe to say it’s been an extremely busy start to the year for us but we love a challenge! If you’re interested in finding out more about any of the products mentioned above, our lovely sales team is here to help. You can get in touch by emailing [email protected] or by calling 01226 744010. 

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