Wybone Fulfil 9-Year-Old Boy’s Litter Bin Wish

October 11, 2023

Recently, we received a handwritten request from a 9-year-old boy. 

We can’t say this is a regular occurrence at Wybone. But it certainly got our attention.

The letter, addressed to our Managing Director, Richard Cooper, was written by Reuben Wilkinson, a year 4 pupil at Winthorpe Primary School. Reuben informed us that there are 100 pupils at his school, but only one outside bin. 

However, this is a bin for general waste only. They didn’t have one for recycling. And during school events, having only one bin meant it was constantly overflowing. 

What’s more, Winthorpe Primary School will soon be opening their new preschool, providing education to pupils below Reception (Foundation Stage 2) age. But this opens up a new issue: more pupils means more waste. 

Once we understood the situation, we knew we wanted to fulfil Reuben’s request and help the school better manage their waste. 

That’s why we manufactured and delivered 3 of our WGP/3s: two for general waste and one for recycling. 

These plastic litter bins are made from polyethylene, a durable material that remains tough against bad weather and abrasions. These bins come in several vibrant colours, perfect for a playground setting, which is exactly where they were going. The bin’s UV resistance means the colours won’t fade over time. 

Our WGP/3s also come with an optional budget lock and concrete base. This style of lock is extremely sturdy, requiring a specific key for entry. The concrete base allows for added security.

To ensure the kids, staff and parents deposit the correct waste, we added waste-specific artwork to each bin. 

Now, only a few weeks later, they arrived. Reuben wrote in again to express his gratitude: ‘Dear Mr Cooper, I really appreciate your kindness for giving me the bins for my school and on behalf of the pupils from Winthorpe Primary School, I would like to say thank you.’ 

It was our pleasure, Reuben! 

Now Winthorpe Primary School has the capacity to correctly and properly dispose of different waste streams without the stress of overflowing. 

At Wybone, we love a challenge. But providing solutions for our customers is what allows us to lock up the factory and turn off the lights after a day’s work with a smile on our faces. 

Whether it’s for a school, business or local council, we’re here to help. We combine our long-serving skills in litter bin manufacturing and our passion for waste management to provide solutions to your waste issues. And it all starts with a chat with our lovely sales team.

To find out more about our WGP/3 bins or to get in touch for a quote, email us at [email protected] or give us a call at 01226744010.

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