Wybone grit bins help South Lanarkshire prepare for Winter

November 29, 2019

Another cold winter is anticipated to hit this year, accompanied by a lot more rain which can lead to treacherous road conditions. As the freezing weather approaches, we need to be prepared for all eventualities.

Our glass fibre composite grit bins are a popular choice among councils and local authorities due to their tough and hardwearing design. The durable nature of glass fibre composite means that these grit bins will remain unaffected by all weather conditions.

Back in April last year, South Lanarkshire Council ordered a large quantity of our GFC grit bins. The council ensured that all precautions were taken for the winter months, with 10,000 tonnes of grit prepared and orders for 690 Wybone grit bins in just over six months.

Scotland is one of the hardest hit parts of the UK in winter, with temperatures already plummeting to -8 degrees. The council are already preparing for the cold winter again this year and have ordered a further 40 SFG/17 Grit Bins. These grit bins hold a substantial 467 litre capacity and will be distributed in all areas across South Lanarkshire to keep the public safe over winter.

Our GFC department are already working hard on these units to be delivered all the way from our factory in Barnsley to South Lanarkshire before the Christmas break.

Glass fibre grit bins are manufactured using an exclusive technique established by Wybone over 30 years ago, using a wooden carcass which is encapsulated with high impact strength glass fibre composite resins. The units are then sanded and sprayed in a finish and colour of your choice. Take a look at how our glass fibre products are made in our behind the scenes production video!

If you would like to speak to one of our team about our range of grit bins, feel free to give us a call on 01226 352333 or send us an email to