How Wybone can help your business become GDPR compliant

December 20, 2017


What is GDPR all about? The General Data Protection Regulation is the result of four years work by the European Union to bring data protection legislation in line with ways that data is now used.

This regulation was drawn up by the EU to seek control over how personal data is used, with an emerging digital economy that is finding new ways to exploit data. By strengthening data protection and introducing tougher penalties, this new regulation aims to improve trust within the business sector.

Once the regulation comes into effect on 25 May 2018, businesses must ensure that personal data is processed lawfully and for a specific purpose. If the data is no longer required, it should be deleted. If a company is involved in a data breach, they are far more liable under GDPR than they were under the Data Protection Act.

Companies such as Shred-It are available to collect your confidential waste and dispose of it safely on your behalf. Once your confidential waste is collected, it’s then shredded, baled and sent off for recycling.

Our range of confidential waste bins are purpose designed, and manufactured from durable galvanised steel to ensure the safe disposal of confidential documents.

The Confidential Waste Sackholder is based on our standard healthcare sackholder with foot pedal operation and a closed top lid. When the foot pedal is pressed, it reveals a slim paper aperture that isn’t wide enough for anyone to use their hand to retrieve documents from the inside. A push lock is fitted to the front of the unit to stop any unwanted access without the use of the dedicated key.

If you’re looking for a more robust unit, we’ve designed the WSC/112 Confidential Waste Bin, manufactured with an internal chute system that directs paper into the bag and metal deflectors that stop items from being removed by hand or other instrument.

The 112 litre capacity is ideal for securely storing large amounts of paper, and the inside of the unit contains hooks for attaching an internal bag provided by your confidential waste collection provider.

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