Wybone helps Scarborough Council salvage the seaside

March 20, 2017

We believe in second chances at Wybone, which is why we offer a full refurbishment process available on our metal and glass fibre products.

Scarborough Borough Council contacted us for refurbishment of their glass fibre litter bins after a storm surge hit the seaside town in January this year and devastated the coastline, leaving a number of businesses flooded and damaged.

One of our LBV 24 Dual Litter Bins was spotted on ITV News floating across the high street before ploughing into the glass doors of an amusement arcade – we did warn you that our glass fibre bins are tough!

Harry Briggs, Environmental Enforcement and Contracts Manager for Scarborough Borough Council came to us for help. “Following the tidal surge in January 2017, a large amount of our street furniture became damaged or lost to the sea. This mainly affected our street litter bins, we lost over a dozen but many more were severely damaged.”

“Thankfully a large percentage of these were able to be refurbished to an ‘as new’ standard by our supplier Wybone. The turnaround was quick and the bins are now back in-situ, until the next surge that is!”

Refurbishing your Wybone bins saves you 50% of the cost of new bins. As we don’t need to start from scratch and manufacture completely new products, it saves energy and materials that ultimately helps the environment.

Our refurbishment process is thorough, and leaves the bins looking brand new. The end result looks so good; we’ve had to take photographs during the process, just to prove it was the same bin!

If you would like more information on our refurbishment service, give us a call on 01226 352333 or drop us an email to

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