Wybone helps university to become a sustainable scholar

February 23, 2017

We’re excited to have worked with Swansea University again to further improve their recycling rates.

Back in 2012, we worked with the University to provide Box Cycle Double Recycling Units throughout lecture theatres for the collection of general waste and mixed recycling. Vinyl artwork and transparent bodies were used to encourage staff and students to dispose of their waste correctly.

Outside the university, we manufactured MWB Dual Wheelie Bin Covers that were brightly coloured with green on one side to reflect the mixed recycling and black on the other side. The units had peaked lids to prevent people placing rubbish on the top, and a stubber plate for cigarettes. Both bins were well received, which led to a plan for further waste segregation and recycling.

Swansea Case Study

In July 2013, we worked closely with the University and introduced a brand new recycling unit – the C-Bin. Originally manufactured as a double unit, it was used to collect non-recyclable waste and mixed recycling. Within the same month, the University expanded their recyclable collection to cover student halls, and we introduced C-Bin Triple Recycling Units. Collecting mixed glass in addition to the existing waste streams that continued to encourage waste recycling within the university.

In February last year, Teifion Maddocks, SHE Officer for Environment and Sustainability at Swansea University was tasked with introducing source segregation across the campus without compromising space in the student halls.

Teifion introduced the ‘Recycling Wave’ campaign and provided a detailed evaluation of the campus where segregation hubs could be placed and how current bins can be modified. We worked with the University and updated over 100 C-Bin units to bring them inline with the newly introduced C-Bin Quad Recycling Units, which were adapted onsite at the university by Wybone staff.

As well as the recycling units, the University ordered over 300 Food Caddies that were placed around their kitchens and canteens to encourage the appropriate disposal of food waste.

Our Strobe Recycling Unit is usually offered in double or triple size, but as we manufacture 97% of our products in-house, we are uniquely placed to offer a bespoke service. We adapted the unit to include a fourth waste stream along with the Swansea University logo and specific artwork in both English and Welsh text.

Since 2012, we have manufactured and supplied over 2,000 bins for the university and we have personally sited many of the bins with modification carried out onsite. Teifion was more than happy with our services.

“Wybone have been crucial in achieving our sustainability strategy of source segregation. They have continued to provide a great personal service considering our specific campus recycling requirements. The Wybone team have risen to the challenge of designing, updating and refurbishing our older bins whilst also providing a great delivery and installation service of new recycling equipment.”

Since the launch of their sustainability strategy, the recycling rate at the University has been rising progressively and currently stands at 55%, which meets their target much earlier than usual.

The university plan to complete the strategy this year and with the continued help of Wybone, the opportunity to meet their target of zero waste to landfill is becoming more achievable.

You can follow the progress of their sustainability strategy on Swansea University’s Facebook page.

Click here to read the full case study.

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