Wybone litter bins for Wigan Council take part in dog fouling campaign

August 23, 2018

Having worked together since 2010, Wigan Council are one of the participating authorities in Keep Britain Tidy’s latest campaign ‘Walk this Way’.

According to a survey conducted by the charity, they found that 13% of dog owners admit to leaving bagged dog poo behind on a walk. The most common reason was a lack of nearby bins (54%), followed by forgetting to collect it on their way back (40%) and bins nearby being too full (26%).

Keep Britain Tidy have partnered with the Dogs Trust charity in an attempt to reduce the amount of dog fouling across the UK. The campaign involves reinventing popular dog walking routes with more bins and clear signage to improve these figures.

The charity is asking local authorities to nominate their parks and open spaces to take part in the campaign and receive a Keep Britain Tidy makeover. This features signage, maps and colour-coded routes which clearly mark the length of the walk and direct walkers to the nearest bins to dispose of their dogs’ waste along the way.

The campaign was trialled back in June, which saw an impressive 38% decrease in dog fouling over a four week period. As a result of its success, the campaign has been extended over the next few months!

As well as improving figures and creating visually appealing dog walking routes, the campaign has been commended for its innovation and won first prize at the Health Psychology in Public Health Annual Conference.

Wigan Council have been ordering our MLB/112 Litter Bins for almost a decade and have opted in to take part in the Keep Britain Tidy campaign.

The MLB/112 is one of our flagship litter bins, manufactured from premium quality galvanised steel, offering a 10 year anti-perforation warranty. Manufactured with a large aperture to all four sides to maximise litter collection. This metal litter bin is ideal for parks and open spaces, with a 112 capacity to collect both litter and dog waste.

We are also designing an RPG style litter bin for the council, which is tilted to allow cyclists to stay on their bike whilst disposing of litter. The RPG is a circular litter bin which is to be fixed to a titled post to make the aperture visible and accessible to users on a walkway or cycle path. We love producing new products – watch this space!

If you would like to get involved with the campaign, feel free to give us a call on 01226 352333 or send us an email to

Wybone supply litter bins to Wigan Council