Wybone litter bins withstand lorry crash!

July 31, 2015

We were recently shocked to see photos of a lorry crash sent to us by Slough Borough Council. Thankfully, we’re glad to say that the only casualty was the bus stop! Our BMB Dual Litter and Recycling unit may have taken a tumble, but we’re happy to report that it came out with just a bump and a scratch or two!

As you can see from the photos, the wall wasn’t strong enough to withstand the collision, but our tough and durable BMB unit was! Manufactured from 2mm galvanised steel and with a heavy duty galvanised steel base, the unit is also bolted to a reinforced 2mm galvanised filled concrete plinth.


The two individual units are bolted together for extra stability and a 10mm stainless steel rod hinge mechanism which incorporates a third hinge, ensures that the doors stay intact, even on heavy impact.

It’s not just our metal litter bins that are tough and durable, you can watch a video of our Grit Bin Hammer Test here.

Slough bus crash