Wybone Mega Cycles are a high street hit in London – a year on!

April 19, 2018

A year has flown by since we manufactured and delivered bespoke Large Mega Cycle units for the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea.

The council provided our in-house design team with a range of photographs, including seasonal landscape shots of the Borough and historical photographs of the streets of London. Working closely with the council on their design, they ordered 29 units to be distributed around Kensington and Chelsea.

One year on, Terry Oliver, Head of Greener Living at the council told us how they found working with Wybone and how the bins are being received: “Wybone were very helpful and provided the whole package for us, from building and installing the housing units and designing and producing the design graphics for each site. This included producing and applying a local historic image to each unit.”

“These bins have been installed for over a year now and have turned what was a problematic recycling centre in terms of appearance, into smart, attractive and functional recycling stations.

These units are all unique and provide local interest with a historical image of the area appearing on the front of each. The new designs have proved popular with residents – we’ve received a number of compliments on the new recycling centres with no complaints since installation.”

As the units have been well received around the Borough, the council will be ordering 28 more units in banks of two and four to be sited around London! Take a look at the current units still styling the streets of London a year on.

This large wheelie bin cover is available with steel or Iroko hardwood side panels to give a contemporary look, with several aperture options to collect your chosen waste stream. Whether you want to add your own logo or you require bespoke artwork just like Kensington and Chelsea, we have the team to do it – just send us an email with your requirements.

If you’d like to request a meeting with our sales team to discuss your requirements, feel free to give us a call on 01226 352333 or send us an email to

Wybone Kensington and Chelsea Mega Cycles