Karl Pilkington’s Wybone Memorial Bin

January 9, 2014

In a recent episode of Sky one’s new series ‘Karl Pilkington’s The Moaning of Life’ (Episode 5, Death), Karl discusses the issue of death and looks at how different cultures deal with this sensitive topic. During the episode Karl looks at the idea of having a memorial bin, instead of the more traditional memorial bench. He describes it as a thoughtful way of remembering a loved one, whilst also helping the community and keeping places free of litter.

We love Karl’s idea and think that having memorial bins in beauty spots and seaside’s will help to keep the areas clean and litter free, whilst also providing a lasting legacy for a loved one. In this episode Karl looks at an existing memorial bin in Hastings – one of our glass fibre composite LBV/24 litter bins. This bin has an engraved plaque on the lid, demonstrating what a fantastic way a ‘memorial bin’ is of remembering someone special whilst also doing something good for the local area.

Our glass fibre composite (GFC) litter bins can last for over 20 years and they can even be refurbished, extending their life span even further, ensuring the commemorative plaque lasts just as long, if not longer than it would on a memorial bench.

We want to pioneer the use of memorial bins, so to thank Karl for highlighting this idea we have created him his own mini memorial bin! Lets hope he likes it!

Pilkington 1

Pilkington 3

Pilkington 2