Wybone partner with Enevo to bring new Intelligent Litter Bin to market

September 30, 2015

Wybone is excited to announce a new partnership with Enevo, the leading global provider of smart sensors and analytics based logistics optimisation solutions for the waste management and recycling industry.

This new partnership has allowed Wybone and Enevo to bring an innovative new waste bin to market; the MLB/112 XLi Intelligent Litter Bin. The Intelligent Litter Bin is a modification of Wybone’s most popular litter bin, the MLB/112, redesigned to increase the capacity by 30% whilst still keeping the same footprint. The bin has been fitted with the Enevo ONe smart sensor to provide real-time fill-level information and optimised collection routes.

A recent trial took place in the Jewellery Quarter of Birmingham City Centre and was met with huge success. “After deploying sensors in the Jewellery quarter our data showed us that there was a need to increase bin size from 90 litres to a larger capacity. At this point we contacted Wybone, and formed a product partnership to bring new larger 145 litre bins to the market. Thanks to the increased size of the bins and the data from the Enevo ONe solution, we’ve been able to reduce the collection need from one per day to once every 2.8 days on average. This constitutes a 64% reduction in the need for collections” says Andy Croft, Sales Director of Enevo UK Ltd.

Richard Cooper, Managing Director of Wybone commented on the new partnership “We are excited to be working in partnership with Enevo to provide our customers with even greater efficiencies. By introducing smart collection routes for our customers, we are able to help to reduce carbon emissions and save valuable time. The new MLB/112 XLi offers the same footprint as our standard MLB/112 but with an increased capacity of 145 litres; this gives the perfect solution for busy city centres as well as quieter, rural areas.”

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