Wybone Redefine Dog Waste Bin For Crawley Borough Council

May 19, 2023

Whether you’re a contributing citizen of society or a furry, long-tailed friend, we want to cater our waste bins to everyone. Statistics show that over 60% of UK households own dogs in 2023 – that’s a lot of waste to account for. To counter this, we manufactured our own dog waste bin range so you can easily dispose of your dog’s waste while doing your part to contribute to a cleaner environment.

And when we were tasked with providing dog waste bins to Crawley Borough Council, we were hard at work ensuring that we created a product that we were proud of and the Crawley area could strongly benefit from.

What we delivered to Crawley Borough Council was our WDB/CH Dog Waste Bin with a Chute; a mountable post bin made of a robust galvanised steel body. This choice of body meant that the chances of rust and corrosion were significantly reduced, even in harsh environments. What’s more, the bin was designed in such a way that only operatives could lift the lid ready for efficient emptying, and pedestrians could only use the chute to dispose of dog waste.

This meant that not only were we producing a reliable, durable waste bin, but we were also focused on making it user-friendly and vandal-proof for anyone who would attempt to access and empty the contents of the bin.

While we work passionately to make sure we’re creating products that we and our customers are happy with, it doesn’t always mean we get it right the first time. And for the (rare) times we don’t, we’re always looking at ways of redefining our products so you can get the best out of them.

In December last year, Crawley Borough Council reached out to us and asked if we could make some updates to the dog waste bin. They asked if there was a way to make emptying the bin more efficient. We decided to make it easier for operatives to unload the bin by changing the way the lids hinged at the back, which greatly reduced the time it took for the operatives to change the bag with minimal fuss.

It was an opportunity to revisit the product as a whole – we’re always keen to implement changes or updates to existing products to make sure our customers stay happy and that we evolve our expertise in the process. That’s when we decided to introduce curved corners on the bin – we felt that it gave it a more modern touch.

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