Wybone Rep It Out for Wakefield Crossfit event

October 15, 2018

Wybone Rep It Out Event

We like to be a little different here, we’re always willing to go the extra mile for our customers and create bespoke products.

Whether it’s simply adding a company logo or adapting a product to suit your requirements, we’re happy to give it a go and provide the extra special Wybone touch from concept to completion.

Our Managing Director Richard is a keen Crossfit member and loves to help local organisations in any way he can – including taking time away from bins and utilising our manufacturing techniques!

We designed and manufactured bespoke pull up bars and jump boxes for the Rep It Out Competition in Halifax, sponsored by Crossfit Wakefield. Richard and our Production Manager Frankie even helped set up the event on Saturday morning.

Our in-house design team worked closely with Rep It Out part owner and coach, Dan Paterson and created the pull up bars and jump boxes using manufacturing techniques similar to making a litter bin.

He told us his requirements for the event: “We worked with Wybone to design 20” and 24” fibreglass jump boxes that are solid, hard wearing, stackable and had softer edges to prevent shin injuries.”

These jump boxes are manufactured from glass fibre composite – a technique exclusively developed by Wybone. A moulded box shape is encapsulated using hardwearing glass fibre polyester resins, which is then primed and sprayed in their desired colours. We have lots of colours to choose from whether it’s a bespoke item or litter bin, take a look at our colour guide.

The event was a massive success, our pull up bars and jump boxes received lots of positive feedback. Dan told us: “We had several enquiries about the jump boxes on the day and we have had two written enquiries since then via email.”

We will be making these jump boxes available to buy on our website – watch this space! For more information on our work with local organisations, feel free to drop us an email to